Golf News for Tuesday, November 21, 2006 | Products

The Teaching Network endorses Umbrella Plus as fun training aid

The Teaching Network recently approved Umbrella Plus as an endorsed training aid. "What a neat product" claims Bill Dando, PGA Professional and TTN founder. "We weren't really sure about it being a training aid at first, but after seeing the results of my two youngest sons (11 & 13 yr. olds) we immediately approved it". Umbrella Plus incorporates a unique "instructional" feature that allows it to be used as a putting and chipping target. By setting the umbrella to its inside-out position, the rainy weather device takes on training aid qualities. The satellite dish shape cradles two different sized pockets that can be pulled through to receive putts and chip shots.

"I was very excited to hear about the service that TTN offers to new training aid products" states Jason Ray, President of Umbrella Plus. "We jumped at the chance to participate in a program that is geared towards helping golfers improve because that's what our product is all about". The Umbrella Plus is a 62" high quality golf umbrella offered in a number of different colors. It fits directly in the umbrella sleeve in your golf bag so it's available to be used anytime. Like all TTN endorsed training aids, Umbrella Plus includes a one time $10 savings coupon which is good towards the normal cost of a 30 or 60 minute golf lesson with a participating PGA Professional.

Dando adds," As I mentioned earlier, my two boy's thought they were just playing a chipping game in the back yard. Little did they know that they were working on their short game. In that little time using Umbrella plus, the results they experienced on the course was amazing".

To learn more about Umbrella Plus, please visit Select "Endorsed Training Aids" and then click on the Umbrella Plus logo. You may also email .

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