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Carl Rabito releases eBook combining video and interactive media

CRM of Orlando is pleased to announce the release of GOLF: THE RABITO WAY by PGA Master Teaching Professional Carl Rabito, with Mike Williams. A first for the industry, the eBook combines video, interactive media, and Carl's unique and always engaging personality into the most thorough study of biomechanics in golf.

Built upon his relentless, decades long quest for the perfect swing, Carl has unlocked the biomechanical mysteries around it through his study of anatomy, biology and physiology, and training of top PGA Tour players. This must-have digital publication easily conveys the science of the swing with expert and easy to follow tips to improve the game of any level of player from complete novice to veteran player, and is designed to travel with you to the range or golf course on your tablet.

GOLF: THE RABITO WAY is the first in a series that focuses on Carl's mantra of "Structure Governs Function." This method takes the idea of biomechanics to a new level. Carl works from the premise that all human bodies have the same structure, that is, we all have the same bones, joints and ligaments unless altered by injury or birth defect. With that, each joint is meant to function in a specific way, and because the body is designed to move in these specific ways, there is one, and only one, best way to swing a golf club. Educational and entertaining, golfers and athletes alike will find plenty of critical and indispensable knowledge to help them master their craft.

While biomechanics may have become a buzzword in some circles, Carl's passion for the technique combined with his exhaustive knowledge proves not only his mastery at the game of golf but also demonstrates his captivating teaching skills. Spanning over 100 pages and containing more than 40 videos, this eBook will revolutionize how golf is taught and played. Photographic 360s are also included which allow the user to interact with still images of each step of the swing. With this special feature, users may view the swing from all angles.

Recognized by many as one of the premier instructors in the world, Carl Rabito has become the "go to guy" for many top amateurs and touring professionals. Based in Orlando, Carl also operates golf academies in suburban Chicago, New Orleans and Aspen, CO. For more information on Rabito Golf Academies, visit or call (407) 876-2778.

Packed with stunning information and never before presented lessons, GOLF: THE RABITO WAY is available now for Apple devices on iBooks and for Kindle and Android devices on Amazon. The eBook and excerpts are also available at

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