Golf News for Wednesday, March 27, 2013 | Instruction

Three-Generation Golf Academy views golf as a warrior's journey

Upon returning from the tournament in Chiang Rai, Thailand held at the Santiburi Golf Club I was struck with an overwhelming feeling to express my deeper thoughts of those four days being with the young Team of the Three-Generation Golf Academy.

You may notice, here, that I have been deeply influenced by Joseph Campbell who wrote The Hero with a Thousand Faces and his many more works that have profoundly influenced so many others.

I feel that a round of golf can be considered the journey of the hero-warrior. We are all heroes on a journey if we look at it from a certain perspective in that a journey has a beginning, middle and an end. In terms of daily life, we could say that the father, when leaving his home for work in the morning, is on his hero's journey, getting into his car, battling traffic to face the day's events. He then arrives at work using all his knowledge and skill to produce his good work for a paycheck that will provide for his family's needs. After doing battle for the day he completes the cycle by returning home to his family with his bounty and then, doing it again the next day and every day. The courage of such a journey, when based in love, expresses a beauty and a strength, in my eyes, that is beyond compare! The student going to school every day, the teachers planning the lessons, the parents dropping off their children and picking them up from school… this to me is what I would call the hero-warrior's journey and every one of us is making that journey in our own way!

I see the golfer doing much the same when they play a round of golf. They leave the clubhouse for the first tee, with their weapons and skills, prepared to do battle against the golf course. During these holes of golf, varying conditions present themselves causing the golfer to make decisions, having to use their skills and judgment to meet the challenge of each shot. With each shot they are learning and growing, fighting for their bounty to bring home at the end of the day. Some days are tough and the journey can be difficult and some days the journey is flawless bringing back great stories and great rewards for their efforts.

This is why the great game of golf is so amazing and valuable. The golf course is a safe beautiful battleground that builds character, personal strength and a warrior's heart. If the game is played with love then so many more rewards come to the hero-warrior such as compassion, friendship and joy. As all players make this journey they can come to understand the suffering and joys of one another. A bond can be made and relationships can be built. Golf is a journey for a lifetime. A lifetime of learning and sharing and if seen in this light true hero-warriors will be made. Not by us, the parents and coaches, but by the players themselves!

When all our young heroes returned from battle in Santiburi they came up to the balcony and told their stories that spanned the emotional globe of disappointment and glory. The compassion shared by one another along with the joy and excitement of big and small successes was present at the telling of each story. The smiles and the laughter were infectious and the hand on a shoulder was consoling. Friendships were strengthened that day with the opening of each heart.

You see, these were personal battles and personal stories shared with open hearts without fear of rejection or ridicule because they sit at our table where love and welcoming hearts live. Our job is to be the home where love lives and training takes place preparing the hero-warrior to do battle with clear eyes and full hearts knowing that when they come home they are welcomed with loving arms, soothing their wounds and sharing in their glory.

Written by Spike Collier
Director of Golf
Three-Generation Golf Academy