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Club Car to produce first four-passenger vehicle for golf and fun

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- Club Car announced it will produce the first four-passenger vehicle designed specifically for golf and fun. The Precedent 4Fun will help courses make the golf experience more enjoyable for families, couples, women, juniors and seniors by keeping players more connected during the round.

The new vehicle will be piloted in cooperation with the PGA of America at courses that have established Get Golf Ready programs. Get Golf Ready is the golf industry's grow-the-game program designed to attract new players and bring former golfers back to the sport.

The Precedent 4Fun features front-facing seats for four passengers along with attachments for four golf bags, including junior-sized bags; additional cup holders and a rear passenger hip restraint.

"The more opportunities golf offers players to enjoy the company of everyone in their group the more attractive the game becomes for larger segments of the population," said Marc Dufour, president and CEO of Club Car. "We believe this vehicle will add to the social aspect of the game that is so important for a growing number of golfers."

Dufour said Club Car expects the Precedent 4Fun will be popular at courses that want to create new opportunities for their members and guests to enjoy the camaraderie and fun of a round of golf. "That also means new revenue opportunities for the course," he said.

"Club Car's commitment to excellence is readily evident in their innovative design of the Precedent 4Fun and on-going commitment to grow the game of golf," said PGA of America Chief Operating Officer Darrell Crall. "The new vehicle supports our industry's united effort to make the golf experience that much more accommodating, comfortable and fun through programs such as Get Golf Ready."

The Precedent 4Fun will be equipped to integrate Club Car's Visage Mobile Golf Communications System.

Production of the Precedent 4Fun is scheduled to begin later this year.

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