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Consistent-Tee announces challenge to demonstrate tee benefits

Let's face it, the big club manufacturers are in business to make money. With each and every new driver we are promised more distance, improved accuracy and more power. We have seen our drivers change from chrome, to black, to white, to red. We have added dials, weights, adjustable face angles; all for the sake of a few extra yards.

But all golfers should step back from the tee box and ask themselves, 'how much distance and accuracy have these drivers really added to my game?'

What has been proven time and time again with the large volume, sexed up drivers of today is that consistent and proper tee height is a proven way to increase distance and improve consistency. Sure, talking about golf tees and exactly how high to tee it up isn't the "coolest " conversation you can have, but for a measly $6 you can improve your distance from the tee just as much as with a new $500 (or more) driver - now that's pretty cool.

So Who's Exposing Golf's Dirty Little Secret?
Consistent-Tee is a small, yet widely recognized performance golf tee company whose ingenious design started with a wooden tee, some surf wax, and a washer. The company now has one of the top selling and reviewed performance golf tees in major retail outlets like Dicks Sporting Goods and Golfsmith. The Consistent-Tee™ takes advantage of longer tees and takes the guesswork out of how high to tee your ball. Because you tee the ball in the optimal position every time, it allows you to hit consistent drives and take advantage of the technology designed for your large volume driver.

The Consistent- Tee is a durable, biodegradable plastic tee with a protruding washer-like bevel positioned precisely to allow golfers to always tee the ball at the perfect height for large volume drivers. The top of the driver face should be at the same height as a point on the ball approximately 2/3 of the ball's height. This allows the sweet spot of the driver to connect with the center of the ball at impact while keeping the bottom of the driver off of the ground and thus maintaining top swing speed through the shot, maximizing the smash factor of the drive.

The last thing a good David vs. Goliath story needs is boring details and mathematics so let's just say that the guys from Consistent-Tee™ did their homework. They have the technical proof and explanation up on their website ( which details why and how their tee works so well to improve distance and accuracy. However, all a discerning golfer really needs to see is the proof in their swing.

Taking on the big driver companies is no small feat and to help prove their claim, Consistent Tee is putting on a CHALLENGE backed by a solid Performance Guarantee. They are challenging golfers of all skill levels to put their tee to the Test with the Consistent- Tee Challenge; a simple, cost effective way to prove that consistent tee height can drastically improve a golfer's distance and accuracy.

Golfers who are up to the Challenge can get started at Trade in your old long tees for a set of Consistent Tee's and start hitting longer, more consistent drive, for just $6.

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