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Dave Bisbee joins Swing Jacket team as Director of Instruction

CALGARY, Alberta, Canada -- Bill Walsh, President of Swing Jacket, a division of The Ultimate Swing Teacher Inc. announced that Dave Bisbee has joined the Swing Jacket team as Director of Instruction.

Mr. Bisbee brings to Swing Jacket a wealth of experience in the golf industry with a particular focus on teaching and coaching. His career in golf spans more than 30 years. He began as a playing professional back in the day when most of the field had to Monday qualify. A severe back injury ended his competitive career and pushed him into the niche that would define his career...that of a Golf Instructor.

Mr. Bisbee estimates he has taught more than 40,000 golfers. Students have ranged from complete beginners to aspiring Tour pros. Supreme Court Justices, Academy Award winning actors, Professional Athletes from most sports, and some of Americas top business leaders have relied on Mr. Bisbee as their Golf Guru.

Mr. Bisbee said: "I am very excited to join the Company that I feel will be the catalyst in spawning dramatic growth in the game. By making it easier and faster for everyone to develop solid fundamentals the Swing Jacket has a unique opportunity. As a teacher, I am reminded every day how complicated the motor skills for the golf swing are. The 'communication gap' created by trying to verbally convey proper swing principles to a student can make it a real challenge for both student and instructor."

"Instructors today have some amazing technologies available to video students, track swing positions, analyze ball and club head attributes, etc. but none of them allow the student to experience what the swing is supposed to feel like."

"The Swing Jacket is the only technology that allows teachers to 'communicate' the correct feel to students. By bridging that communication gap both student and instructor become that much more effective. And as an instructor nothing is more satisfying than helping a student experience that AH HA moment when their game moves to a whole new level."

Walsh says, "I have had the privilege of working with some of the most highly respected instructors in the game. In my opinion Dave Bisbee has the most comprehensive knowledge of the swing and is a truly gifted instructor. His insights into the cause and effect relationships that frustrate the vast majority of golfers have helped us develop the comprehensive learning program that comes with each Swing Jacket and allows us to offer our exclusive Great Swing Guarantee.

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Mike Jamison