Golf News for Tuesday, March 5, 2013 | Briefly

FitGolf Performance Centers of Homer Glen, Illinois finishing research project

HOMER GLEN, Ill. -- FitGolf Performance Centers of Homer Glen is near completion of the 2012-2013 Golf Fitness Research Project. This year, like all the FitGolf Centers across the country, the Homer Glen FitGolf Center focused on the physical causes of back pain in relation to excessive body bend in golf. They are very close to reaching the goal of 1,000 participants from their surrounding area of Homer Glen.

"Across all the centers, the overall hypothesis for the National Study is that golfers with excessive pelvic and upper side bend, bend and rotation will experience lower back pain during practice and play," says David Krohe, Golf Fitness Specialist and Program Director of FitGolf Performance Centers. "This is what we have seen throughout the FitGolf Centers this year."

The research is being done at the FitGolf Performance center in Homer Glen. The Homer Glen center is located at 15301 S. Bell Road, Homer Glen, IL 60491. "To make this research valid, we would like to reach 1,000 participants," says Krohe. "Nationally, we want to have around 10,000 participants run through the research."

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