Golf News for Thursday, February 28, 2013 | Tournaments

All-American Gateway Tour partners with Golden State Golf Tour

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- The All-American Gateway Tour announced a partnership with the Golden State Golf Tour that will align the two developmental golf tours for a 16-tournament schedule throughout the Southwestern United States from March through September. The schedule will be comprised of 72 & 54-hole events, as well as a season ending championship in late September.

The two tours will be releasing the same tour schedule to ensure that players who were previously part of separate membership bases will be brought together via a mutual schedule. The result of this scheduling partnership will give members on both tours the peace of mind of knowing that full field events (168 players) are a virtual certainty. As of February 25, there are already 260 registered members between the two tours.

"With Arizona and Southern California both being large hubs for professional golfers, it only makes sense for the two tours that run events in these states to combine schedules and allow the west coast players to become part of a larger collective," said Kevin O'Connell, Executive Director of the All-American Gateway Tour. "Ultimately this alignment ensures full fields and maximum purses, which is something that everyone can agree is a good thing."

The first event of the National Series will be a 54-hole event in Arizona on March 19-21. The full schedule will be posted on the websites of both tours by the end of February. "With most of our tour members residing in Arizona and California respectively, it was important that the bulk of the schedule remain in these key locales," said Michael O'Leary, Executive Director for the Golden State Tour. "But there are also scheduling opportunities outside of Arizona and California that coincide nicely with various State Opens, Monday Qualifiers and off weeks for Canadian Tour players."

Along with releasing a mutual schedule, the tours have agreed to a membership and entry fee structure that will be consistent on both tours. "We originally had a good majority of our players committed to a membership fee at a higher rate than Golden State Tour so it wasn't easy for us to lower our membership fee. However, if reducing it is the answer to unifying the players, then ultimately this is the best decision for everyone," said O'Connell.

The membership and entry fee structure for the National Series will be as follows:
• $1,100 membership fee for all players currently registered on either tour (if a player has already registered and paid their membership fee, there is no additional fee).
• $1,100 membership fee for any players registering up until February 28 at 11:59pm.
• $1,700 membership fee thereafter.
• Member entry fees of $1,095 and $900 for 72 & 54-hole events.
• Non-Member entry fees of $1,345 and $1,100 for 72 & 54-hole events. Non-Members will only be able to register for an event if space is available after the registration deadline.

For more information on the All-American Gateway Tour and Golden State Tour please visit,, or Players can also register for a membership by visiting any of these websites.

Kevin O'Connell, (817) 456-3233