Golf News for Tuesday, February 19, 2013 | Equipment

Lateral Line LLC introduces large, new L2 Traditional Putter

JEFFERSON, Ohio -- Lateral Line LLC, makers of innovative golf equipment for players who think outside the box, has developed the L2® TRADITIONAL PUTTER, a "Big" innovation designed to stabilize the putting stroke and lower golf scores.

"The USGA is considering making club anchoring non-conforming. Therefore, golfers who rely on chest or belly putting will be searching for another way to stabilize their strokes and quiet their nerves," says John Ambrose, Lateral Line President and Club Designer. "This big putter will do for putting what the 'wide-bodied' drivers did for driving."

An average putter measures less than 5 inches from toe to heel, and weighs less than 360 grams. The L2 TRADITIONAL PUTTER measures 6 ¼ inches and weighs 615 grams. Taking this weight and precisely distributing it over a large mass produces a 3-inch sweet spot and the highest M.O.I. (Moment of Inertia (the force that resists twisting)), in golf. The high M.O.I. keeps the face square along the aim line, and, when combined with the oversize sweet spot, allows for a larger backstroke, solid ball contact, and natural head release thanks to the momentum the L2 generates.

"Performance was our priority not just looks and feel. Technology and physics created the L2 design," says Ambrose. "The research pointed to a big heavy putter design, along with pendulum stroke technology, as the key to success on the green. All of our research has always revolved around Pendulum technology, which means tempo, mechanics, momentum and repeatability, and a down the line stroke," he adds.

"This means distance control based on stroke size and not muscle power," says Ambrose. "The objective is to reduce club manipulation, which translates into less muscle use and less tension."

The L2 TRADITIONAL PUTTER features dual alignment marks and a flat sole that puts the head where you want it and keeps it there. The hollow head design and polymer face insert creates soft contact with the ball for solid feedback. The custom designed L2 grip is 16-inch long, 1-inch square and weighs 300 grams, creating an overall club M.O.I. to enhance pendulum performance.

"The L2 TRADITIONAL is designed to help golfers make more putts, not just to sell to golfers who putt," says Ambrose.

The L2 TRADITIONAL PUTTER retails for $159 and includes accessories. To learn more about the L2 TRADITIONAL PUTTER, log on to or call 1-877-317-PUTT [7888] to speak with club designer John Ambrose. The L2 design is USGA conforming, and retains patent number 7,922,600 with other patents pending.

Based in Jefferson, Ohio, Lateral Line LLC was established in 2008 by John Ambrose, a commercial airline pilot and avid golfer intrigued by the benefits of a true pendulum-style swing that takes face-on putting to an entirely new level. L2 ® Lateral Line Putters have been showcased at St. Andrews in Scotland and are sold at golf clubs in California, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin, as well as Ireland and Canada.

John Ambrose
877-317-PUTT (7888)