Golf News for Thursday, February 14, 2013 | Business

High Definition Golf simulators help club fitters at Modern Golf

A new state-of-the-art club fitting facility, Modern Golf, has installed High Definition Golf simulators to create a more dynamic experience for discerning clientele.

"We offer our clients more than just a club fitting. From the minute they walk in the door, we provide a higher level of service," says Hoyt McGarity, co-owner of Modern Golf. "Our clients can play a few holes while waiting for a fitting and can test out their new clubs on the spot." The 13,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility also includes a PGA Tour caliber workshop, indoor putting greens and launch monitors.

Modern's Golf's new club fitting concept must be working. With little marketing thus far, McGarity says the facility has been booked solid from opening until late spring. Golfers from around the world have flown in to get what McGarity describes as a "brand agnostic" approach to fitting.

Club fitters like Modern Golf are using HD Golf's advanced club fitting software for making highly-accurate measurements of a golfers swing in real-time. "Club fitters study the data and make recommendations based on key performance indicators that are captured and displayed by our simulators," says Todd Richardson, President & CEO of HD Golf™.

Data includes shot distance (carry & roll), ball speed, club speed, launch angle, swing-path (outside/in, inside/out), club head angle at impact (within +/- 10th of a degree), ball spin and trajectory (fade, draw, hook, slice). The system also measures shaft flex profile, club head acceleration, position of maximum club head speed, angle of attack, load factor and swing tempo.

"Using an intuitive user interface, the club fitter can measure the performance of every club, shaft or golf ball being tested - they can accurately gap every club," says Richardson. "The customer is rewarded with a bag full of clubs that fit well and are fine-tuned for their level of play."

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