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Blade Runner Golf hybrid earns praise in college coach's review

Golfers are taking notice of an online hybrid golf manufacturer and retailer in a big way. Blade Runner Golf has just received praise from a long time college coach, who reviewed the company's hybrid golf wedge for

The "no hosel" on the face design wedges are a cut above the competition and can give golfer's a significant advantage in their short game. In the golf wedge review, the Division III instructor writes, "The gap wedge, made available by Black Magic Wedge, is crafted for durability, and innovation-but mostly, the technology was crafted for precision and control in mind and to help players master the short game.

In his assessment, Chris Burns, a second generation instructor living in Green Bay, Wisconsin believes that Blade Runner's golf clubs are, "ideal for mid to high handicappers" and although, "not the first of its kind, but definitely the best".

The success of the company's hybrid golf wedge lies in its unique design parameters, which forge an end-product that eliminate shanks and reduces chunking--two missteps, which cost golfers both amateurs and pros alike dearly. Burns' online golf wedge review flushes out some of the problems that many players encounter.

The Black Magic Hybrid Wedge earns itself 10 out of 10 for feel, 8 out of 10 for control, 10 out of 10 for ease of use, 9 out of 10 for quality, and 8 out of 10 for innovation. The long time college coach states there a couple of tools that can help you wedge it closer to the pin and take a little pressure off your putting.

As everyone knows who has played the game, putting with accuracy and being able to drive the ball with a bit of command, take some time. Alternatively, the short game, which includes pitching and chipping, is most demanding. There's a degree of finesse and a necessity, to choose the right club for each shot, and to judge the obstacles in an accurate fashion. With so many lies from the rough or the bunkers, it's no wonder many golfers will do anything to avoid using wedges. The short game can be tricky due to the fast array and conditions and yardages to the green.

The Black Magic Wedge is pushing the power and advantages of hybrid wedges and giving golfers the help where it is most needed. These wedges take a lot of guesswork out of the short game.

Blade Runner Golf, Inc. is the company devoted to the notion that a golfer's short game can make all the difference in his or her final score-but you can take your short game to the next level only if you have the right equipment. Black Magic's hybrid wedges Conform to USGA rules, but also helps golf enthusiasts find new precision and power as they make their way onto the putting green. Black Magic Wedge can be accessed on their website pages at:

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