Golf News for Thursday, February 7, 2013 | Technology

HD Golf Simulators at new golf and fitness facility in Manhattan

Avid golfers in New York can rejoice as a premier, 25,000 square foot golf & fitness facility opens in the heart of Manhattan. With seven HD Golf™ simulators, golfers at Golf & Body NYC are able to perfect their swings using the system's advanced training tools like video swing analysis and weight transfer plates.

"This is a facility for serious golfers. We've invested in the best equipment and the best people available to help take your game to the next level," says Golf & Body NYC owner, Tom Schiff. The ultra-luxurious facility also offers customized programs designed to optimize a golfer's game, combining swing training, physical fitness and physical therapy.

The simulators and practice greens are staffed by PGA golf pros, hand-picked by the facility's Director of Golf, Darrell Kestner. He is ranked one of America's top instructors by Golf Digest magazine.

Golf & Body NYC has also partnered with world-renowned golf fitness guru, Ben Shear, to develop top-tier training programs to improve clients' golf performance and overall health. A PGA Tour trainer, Shear combines all relevant physical and technical details into one thorough, scientific approach towards performance-based strength, stabilization and conditioning.

About High Definition Golf™
Used by PGA Tour pros and top instructors like Jim McLean. High Definition Golf™ is the only simulator that looks and plays like the real thing. Photo-realistic imagery and incredible accuracy transports golfers to play on the world's greatest courses. In-depth shot analysis and instruction tools help improve a golfer's game. For more information visit:

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