Golf News for Tuesday, February 5, 2013 | Equipment

Duane Engdahl's newest Finesse golf putter benefits seven ways

PHOENIX -- Physicists turned putter designer, Duane Engdahl, releases his new golf putter technology to the worldwide golf market. This new golf putter, named Finesse, is the culmination of ten years of research and development. According to Engdahl, "This new putter is about as technologically perfected as a golf putter can be."

At the Finesse Website,, it says on the Benefits Page, "When a craftsman buys a tool for his trade, he expects it to be beneficial for a lifetime of work. When a golfer buys a putter, he should expect it to be beneficial for a lifetime of golfing." So why then do most golfers have so many old putters lying around, and why are they always looking at new putters? Engdahl answers, "Obviously, golfers have been buying and using putters that are not beneficial; because if they were, there would never be a need to replace them. Finesses is beneficial in every way, so it will be the last putter a golfer will ever need to buy".

The benefits of the new Finesse Golf Putter are described in detail at the Finesse Website including: Design; Touch; Line; Feel; Fashion; Fitting; Performance. Also described in detail are the twelve technology embodiments that enable the benefits.

Each Finesse Golf Putter is custom made to client specification and available only at the Finesse Website. Regular price is $285 plus cost of shipping; however to celebrate the launch of this new product and to stimulate sales to pioneering clients, a 30% discount off regular price will be given to all who buy their Finesse Putter during the month of February 2013.

Our quest to develop the perfect golf putter began back in 2002, when physicist turned putter designer, Duane Engdahl, began research & development that culminated with a perfected putter named Finesse. There can be only one best putter and it is the Finesse. We guarantee that as a Finesse Client you will enjoy instant improvement simply by putting Finesse in your bag; then even more improvement as you make Finesse your golf putter for life.

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