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SNAG Golf introduces complete line of glow-in-the-dark products

TAHLEQUAH, Okla. -- SNAG Golf ('Starting New At Golf'), a proven first touch player development program designed for new learners of all ages, has announced the newest member of its family with a complete line of glow-in-the-dark products called SNAG AFTER DARK™.

The SNAG AFTER DARK™ equipment, which includes targets, tees, balls, clubs and launch pads, will be the same as regular SNAG but offers a night golf experience unmatched by anything currently on the market.

"Our target markets with the new product include golf courses, park and recreation facilities, YMCAs, summer camps, Boys & Girls Clubs, college campuses, high schools, and church groups," said Terry Anton, owner and CEO of SNAG. "SNAG AFTER DARK™ will be the best available product to provide a much safer night golf experience on a driving range or any open space."

SNAG AFTER DARK™ kits will come in 6-hole packages with club sizes for Kids (26" and 30") and Adults (34" and 35") or Mixed (even number of Kids and Adult clubs). The estimated cost per kit will be $2,599. Product will be available in June.

"SNAG AFTER DARK™ gives new meaning to the word 'moonlighting'", Anton says. "We think people will find our products to be 'light' years ahead of the competition."

About SNAG®Golf:
SNAG® Golf ('Starting New at Golf') is a proven first touch development program designed for new learners of all ages. It is an easy and fun way to learn and play golf. SNAG® contains all the elements of golf but in a modified form. It builds on strong fundamentals of putting, chipping, pitching and full swing to develop playing ability quickly and effectively.

SNAG® Golf incorporates developmentally appropriate equipment that will allow golf to be learned and played in non-traditional venues, such as on a soccer field, in a gym, or on the beach. It can be taught and played almost anywhere in the world with immediate, positive results. This instant success keeps new learners wanting to be further involved with golf.

In an effort to grow the game, SNAG® recently announced the launch of the Jack Nicklaus Learning Leagues, powered by SNAG - a new initiative to energize youth participation in golf. Working with the National Recreation and Park Association, golf will be made available to youngsters as a team sport.
SNAG® is the skills-acquisition program used in the national school golf program headed by the World Golf Foundation's First Tee Program. There are more than 8,000 schools that are successfully introducing children to golf in the U.S. and over 12,000 worldwide. Professionals, please visit our SNAG® Pros website for more information on our Coaching System used to instruct new learners. For individuals and groups that want to have fun learning golf visit

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