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SwingSmart golf swing analyzer wins ING Industry Honors award

NORTH BARRINGTON, Ill. -- NewSpin Golf - maker of the award-winning SwingSmart golf swing analyzer - won the Product Ingenuity award in the Emerging Companies category during the International Network of Golf (ING) Industry Honors program at last week's PGA Merchandise Show.

Recognized as one of the best ways for any player to improve on-course performance, SwingSmart features a small (less than 1 oz.) Bluetooth-enabled sensor. This unique device ($249.99) clips to a golf-club shaft and wirelessly communicates with a free app for iPads, iPhones or iPods, presenting detailed, easy-to-interpret analytics on:

• Key Stats - Tempo, swing speed, face angle, angle of attack; info on each and optimization tips provided within the app by world-renowned instructor Peter Kostis

• Path and Plane - "3-D Swing-View" shows 360-degrees of a player's swing motion, highlighting the exact route of the club head from any angle

• Putting Results - More than just a full-swing tool, the system provides info on a player's putting stroke to help them reduce scores on the green

• Personal Best - Data from a golfer's best swings can be saved and used as points of reference

"There were a number of great products in this highly competitive category and winning further validates SwingSmart as the clear leader in digital swing analysis," says Angelo Papadourakis, CEO of NewSpin Golf. "For the first time, users have instant access to information directly applicable to their own unique swings and are able to use this data to achieve lower scores and have more fun."

The ING Industry Honors program recognizes outstanding achievement in the golf business. Nominees in a dozen categories are submitted throughout the year from golf industry participants. Sub-committees then trim the entries to the top three and ING members vote electronically to determine the winners.

Developed by a team of expert software designers, the SwingSmart app is extremely user friendly, fun and effective. The tracked stats and "3-D Swing View" provide a real-time snapshot of how the club is being manipulated through impact, so players can adjust where necessary and learn what's successful for their individual games. An effective practice tool for the off-season, SwingSmart features a special training mode that provides the key stats necessary to help players learn the proper swing motion, without the pressure of hitting a ball.

Designed and assembled in the USA, SwingSmart's portable sensor module comes with a personal carrying case and rechargeable battery that lasts more than four hours. Widely recognized by PGA Professionals as a way to augment lessons, the app is available for free download via the iTunes store and will soon be offered on the Android Marketplace.

GOLF Magazine recently named SwingSmart the "Best App for Instant Feedback," praising among other things the involvement of Kostis - one of "America's 50 Greatest Teachers" according to Golf Digest - for his contributions toward making SwingSmart an invaluable learning device.

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About NewSpin Golf
Based outside Chicago, NewSpin Golf is dedicated to revolutionizing golf training for both casual and committed players. Following a chance encounter with a PGA Tour star struggling with his golf swing in 2006, company President and CEO Angelo Papadourakis, an avid golfer, set about designing an easy-to-use and affordable system to help all golfers easily and accurately identify and correct problems in their own games.

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