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SkyGolf unveils new rangefinders at 2013 PGA Merchandise Show

RIDGELAND, Miss. -- SkyGolf, maker of the #1 Rangefinder in Golf, unveiled the new SkyCaddie Sport Series of rangefinders at the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. Now, SkyCaddie offers a rangefinder for every golfer and every golfer's pocketbook, including the SkyCaddie Watch, Gimme, Aire and the SkyCaddie Voice. The SkyCaddie Sport Series, starting at only $129, includes a broad range of sizes, formats and colors while providing golfers the most economic, accurate and reliable distance solutions at every price point. All Sport Series rangefinders are preloaded and ready-to-play out of the box with SkyGolf's proprietary TruGround high-precision maps.

"We realize that there are competitive golfers at all skill levels who insist on every advantage, who want to win every match and demand the very best. For these golfers, we have the #1 rated and most trusted rangefinders in golf with our Tour Series that includes our advanced SGXw™, SGX™ and the new simple, but highly accurate Breeze™. And, then there are golfers who play for fun and the sport of game, who want simplicity without compromising reliability. With the introduction of our exciting Sport Series, SkyCaddie now has a rangefinder for every golfer and every retailer's customer profile. Starting at only $129, we have a SkyCaddie to fit in any format, size and pocketbook, too," said Richard Edmonson, CEO, SkyGolf. "SkyCaddie is #1 rated and trusted by more serious golfers than all other competitors combined thanks to the unmatched accuracy of our Tour Series. Now, with the Sport Series, golfers don't have to compromise on reliability to save money or to get a device in their preferred format. No one has more options than SkyCaddie when it comes to rangefinders and no rangefinder outperforms a SkyCaddie, unless it's another SkyCaddie."

Highlighting the new Sport Series from SkyGolf is the SkyCaddie Watch at an introductory price of only $199. This attractive, lightweight, comfortable and versatile watch is designed to provide unmatched distance performance in the watch category. It comes preloaded with up to 30,000 updatable course maps; easy-to-read front, center, and back of green yardages; intelligent automation - auto-course recognition, auto-hole advance and auto-distance update. The SkyCaddie Watch also offers high-performance multi-sport training versatility for running, biking and walking with an odometer and calorie counter. The stylish SkyCaddie Watch also makes a great everyday watch with an alarm clock, calendar and stopwatch.

For golfers who prefer an inexpensive handheld with large, easy-to-read numbers, SkyCaddie is introducing the Gimme. It's a compact, easy-to-use and rugged rangefinder featuring up to 30,000 preloaded updatable course maps on a high-resolution, sunlight-readable 2.2-inch color display. In addition, the Gimme features large front, center, and back of green yardages; intelligent automation and more at the affordable price of only $169.

The Sport Series also includes the SkyCaddie Aire, a mini hand-held device that is priced perfectly at $129. The fun, stylish and petite Aire can be worn on a belt, hung off a bag or clipped to a pushcart. It features up to 30,000 preloaded updatable course maps on a 1.8 inch greyscale screen; easy to read front, center, and back of green yardages; and intelligent automation. The Aire also includes a calorie counter, an odometer to check miles walked or run and much more.

Rounding out the Sport Series is the SkyCaddie Voice. It's golf's most accurate and reliable Voice GPS, offering distance information in multiple languages that will help golfers play better golf. No more searching for sprinklers or reading glasses. The SkyCaddie Voice is small, lightweight and easily clips to a cap, visor or belt. With a simple tap, the Voice announces distances to the center of the green. Double tap the Voice for front and back of green distances. The Voice is preloaded with 30,000 high-precision, ground-corrected course maps to offer trusted, reliable distance information. Enjoy auto-course recognition, auto-hole advance, auto-distance update and mark ball to measure any distance.

Edmonson adds, "Overall distance performance is determined by the combination of GPS accuracy and map accuracy. If either the GPS is inaccurate or the map is inaccurate, a golfer can get a wrong distance that can cost strokes. We have been able to offer this exciting and much more economical Sport Series by substituting conventional GPS engines used in competitive brands in the place of the highly acclaimed and unmatched accuracy of our proprietary and more costly TruePoint GPS engines used in our Tour Series of rangefinders. But, when compared to any other rangefinder brand in golf, the SkyCaddie Sport Series will deliver overall better performance due to the significantly more reliable TrueGround Maps, available only from SkyCaddie. Our TrueGround Mapping Technology corrects the errors known to be inherent in third party aerial imagery used by competitive devices. Only SkyCaddie walks each course with skilled mapping specialists utilizing survey-quality mapping instruments to make sure golfers have distances they can trust just like Tour caddies do for their Pro."

The suggested retail price of the new SkyCaddie Watch is $199.95, while the traditional hand-held Gimme model is $169.95, the mini hand-held Aire is $129.95, and the SkyCaddie Voice is $149.95. All products are offered with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. In addition, members also earn SkyRewards® and other discounts from SkyRewards Partners to save them more than three times the cost of nominally priced memberships, which start as low as $19.95 per year or even less with package offers.

Golfers can reduce the price of the Watch, Gimme, Aire or Voice even more with the SkyCaddie Trade-In program. By trading in a used SkyCaddie, laser rangefinder or unwanted golf clubs, many SkyCaddie purchasers are getting a new SkyCaddie practically for free. For more information on the Sport Series family of products, SkyRewards, SkyCaddie membership plans, and trade-in programs, visit

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The overall mission of SkyGolf is to help golfers play better with better information while respecting the long-standing traditions of the game, using technology responsibly and within the spirit and rules of golf, and to provide golfers of all skill levels with better and more rewarding golf experiences. The Company's innovative products also include: SkyPro, golf's most powerful swing analyzer and training tool; ClubSG, golf's fastest growing community where golfers can go to connect to their Game, their Courses, their Equipment, their Golf Professional and to one another; Swing Labs®, the golf industry's first unbiased, performance-based fitting solution and SkyCourse™ Technologies, a company that equips golf course superintendents with tools they need to complete daily property management tasks with less effort, less time and less money, through a unique combination of precision GPS maps, web-based technologies and mobile mapping solutions. For more information, visit:,,,, and

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