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Allen Edmonds, Jack Nicklaus debut signature line of golf shoes

Golf icon Jack Nicklaus and the Allen Edmonds Shoe Corporation have collaborated to introduce the new Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Line by Allen Edmonds, a comprehensive line of golf shoes and golf-related products respecting the traditions of the game and innovations for improved comfort and performance.

The new Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Line will include four series of golf shoes, all named after some of the most renowned Nicklaus courses. The Line also includes socks, belts, hats, a glove, and cedar shoe trees and coasters.

"Allen Edmonds and Mr. Nicklaus are two American legends who share the values of customer service, superior quality and classic tradition," said Paul Grangaard, CEO and president of Allen Edmonds. "As we collaborated on the Nicklaus Signature Golf Line, we embraced our mutual values of respect for the game of golf, authenticity, and American heritage."

Jack Nicklaus' Vision For New Line
"I was very involved with Allen Edmonds in the design, performance aspects, and look of this new signature line of golf shoes," Jack Nicklaus said. "Initially, I shared my vision of a golf shoe designed for stability from the ground up for the modern golf swing. While I appreciate the athleticism of golf, I wanted a more classic design for this signature shoe that had performance, comfort and stability, but not necessarily something that had to resemble a sneaker."

The series of shoes in the stylish and performance-oriented line include:
• Muirfield Village - a traditional saddle style in five models, including white/black grain; white grain/blue croc print; white grain/brown; and white grain/green croc print.
• Sebonack - a blucher style with a crocodile pattern in two styles, including black gator print and brown gator print.
• Castle Pines - a two-toned spectator style in five models, including navy, tan and white suede, and walnut/brown, and black grain/white grain.
• Desert Mountain - an "athleisure" style in five models, including black grain/blue thread; brown leather/khaki thread; olive leather/orange thread; and white grain/blue thread. This style has colored soles and a U-throat pattern perfect for men with high insteps.

The new golf shoes have been designed with these innovative comfort and performance benefits:
• A patent-pending Stability Rim sole provides a swing platform for greater traction and footwork stability, giving golfers feedback should they sway during their swing
• Interior to the Stability Rim are large cross patterns for additional traction, and these crosses spread a golfer's weight across the shoe, making the soles incredibly green-friendly.
• Supportive but removable insoles, so those with foot issues can either use our insoles, or choose to switch over to custom orthotics.
• The entire line features a sole designed for on- and off-course wear.
• Full leather uppers allow feet to breathe naturally, keeping them cool as well as cement flat lasted sole providing superior water resistance.

"Through a comprehensive design and development process, we believe we have created shoes that appeal to golfers of all skill levels and tastes in style," Nicklaus said. "I am particularly impressed with Allen Edmonds and their commitment to design features that improve performance and comfort."

"The Stability Rim design reflects my philosophy that stability at the point of transition is essential to a powerful golf swing," added Nicklaus. "The Stability Rim's interior cross patterns help a golfer feel the contours of the green without leaving any indentations or marks on the green. This will make the next foursome and greenskeeper very happy."

The Golden Bear has played in well over 700 professional, and in amassing his record 18 professional major championship titles, walked over 11,000 holes in major championship play. So, he admits that such wear-and-tear on the feet, as well as decades of swinging into his left side, led to foot issues that many other golfers might take into account when choosing footwear.

"Working with Allen Edmonds, we designed a shoe that accommodates custom orthotics and helps me play without discomfort—a benefit that will appeal to many golfers," Nicklaus added.

"But while we focused on performance and comfort, we did not sacrifice style. The fashion-forward colors of the Signature line are compliments of my son Jackie. He got excited about the line and recommended adding the saddle styles in blue and green. He also suggested the more athleisure-looking pattern found in the Desert Mountain."

The Golden Bear's Experience Inspired Line
"Mr. Nicklaus' personal experience playing golf, walking and designing courses, and his challenges with proper fit inspired us while designing and crafting this new line," says Grangaard. "We were fortunate to have him so involved in this process that spanned meetings with him in Florida, Muirfield Village in Ohio, and at our factory in Port Washington, Wisconsin."

The new Line features two distinct and complementary logos that reflect the legend of Jack Nicklaus.

One is a simple icon silhouette of Mr. Nicklaus taken from the "Yes Sir!" reaction to his birdie putt on the 17th hole on Sunday at the 1986 Masters. The other logo incorporates the Jack Nicklaus Golden Bear logo with Jack Nicklaus signature and an imbedded Allen Edmonds brand. It's a new logo that completely respects the Golden Bear history but modifies the Bear for the Allen Edmonds' partnership.

"The folks at Allen Edmonds convinced me that this image from the Masters represents the tradition and classic inspiration of the new line together. That logo will be prominent on both product and packaging," Nicklaus said. "We created a new logo to be featured on the shoe, which blends my signature with the Golden Bear trademark. The modified Golden Bear logo is an ideal statement about my endorsement of the quality and design of the new Jack Nicklaus shoe line, and will be featured in the in-sole of the new shoes."

The Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Line shoes will retail for $195 and be available at golf specialty retailers, green-grass accounts, Allen Edmonds stores, and at The entire line is being introduced at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando January 24-26, 2013, at Booth #6558. The new line is available for orders now and delivery in March.

All of the Signature Line styles come with multiple lace colors, so you can stay tonal to the shoe color or dress it up with some coordinated color. The Signature Line and all Allen Edmonds shoes are available in a full range of lengths and widths to meet all golfers' sizing needs.

About The Nicklaus Companies
For more than 40 years, the mission of the Nicklaus Companies has been to enhance the golf experience, and to bring to the national and international consumer golf-related businesses and services that mirror the high standards established in the career and life of Jack Nicklaus. These services include golf-course design, the development of golf and real estate communities, and the marketing and licensing of golf products and services. Nicklaus Design, recognized as the world leader in golf course design, has been involved with over 375 courses open for play in 36 countries and 39 states.

About Allen Edmonds
Founded in 1922, Allen Edmonds Shoe Corporation is a privately held US-based manufacturer of premium men's footwear and accessories. The largest shoe cobbler in the world, Allen Edmonds is taking shoemaking to the level of an art form. The company's products are available at upscale stores worldwide, including 41 Allen Edmonds stores across the U.S., and online at

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