Golf News for Friday, January 4, 2013 | Products challenges golf courses to create night events

In 2012 it became clear that the real problem with growing the game of golf is not so much wealth or exclusivity but the fact that 90% of us work during the day and golf courses are closed at night. As a result a golf course is like a beautiful hotel that closes at sunset.

The solution was laser glow golf, the first mobile, rechargeable golf course lighting system that is simple to operate, sets up in an hour and takes down in even less. All glow chargers and markers are club durable and weatherproof.

It is a series of internally lit pylons that glow 9 separate colors as well as fluorescent UV 'black light'. Tee box chargers and course markers also come with specially focused LED black lights integrated into the base so players wearing anything fluorescent can now glow like "Tron".

Upleveling night golf is the way to create more F&B business: With an upscale and fully brandable lighting system, golf courses can grow coveted dinner and beverage business by creating night golf events that impress guests, and go miles beyond old school glow sticks and bracelets.

Rechargeable means economical: By not having to pay for glow sticks every time you put on an event, ($300-1,200) night golf events become a higher profit center for your course. Combine that with our 24 hour run time (3-4 events between charges) and most facilities will pay for our system in as few as five events.

The glow charger is the key: Our 40" tall glow chargers accomplish several key needs on a tee box. They light up the area in 9 different colors and 4 different modes. On the top we've placed a powerful UV blacklight that charges your glow ball in a matter of seconds. Then you just recharge your ball at the next tee.

New ball technology: Thanks to our patented glow charger technology, we can offer two kinds of UV Groovy glow balls that open up even more course play options. Our regulation Glow Tour (46 grams) is the first performance grade, 90 compression, full distance glow ball on the market. It doesn't break your clubs like glow stick balls, so you can play full course golf with real feel and performance.

Our limited distance, clubhouse safe UV Groovy glow ball, (13.5 grams and powered by almostGolf CO2 core technology), now allows clubs to put on clubhouse-friendly 'cocktail' competitions and junior events around practice areas, the range and putting greens. As a result it expands the number and type of players that can participate on both the regulation course and new 'short courses' which are also spectator friendly/safe with the 13.5 gram glow ball. This means more revenue and more value for your event sponsors.

History: In 2001, The Peterson brothers (Tom and Robert) invented the almostGolf ball, the first CO2 pressurized performance practice golf ball that that expanded the venues for teaching and practice with its off course safe technology. Today almostGolf balls are in 3,400 retail outlets selling over 34ml balls to date and they are in use in over 30k in-school golf programs in the US and around the world. As a result, the almostGolf ball has helped broadened golf by being the first to bring viable golf instruction to schools campuses on a manageable and mass scale. 'Now it's time to do the same for golf courses' says Mr. Peterson. "I love a good challenge and when I realized how the night was hampering the golf industry, I had to take a shot at filling this need."

Laser Glow Golf is perfect for any golf course looking to boost profits or event companies looking to add that special event that wows the crowd. Learn More at

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