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Kyung Suh Song winner of Swinguru Pro Best Swing Model 2012

Kyung-Suh Song has won the contest of the Swinguru Pro Best Swing Model 2012. The quality of the swing and the technique of the renowned Korean Pro has impressed both Guru Training Systems HQ in Brussels as the Korean ProSwing Team.

A ceremony will be held in Seoul on Dec. 26 at Kyung-Suh's facility, where James Seo, Namuga Golf CEO will officially give him his award.

Kyung-Suh is one of the first Early Adopters in South Korea and quickly became a strong and proud Swinguru Pro User. His feedback has been truly important for Guru Training Systems. His impeccable swing will be soon available as a reference swing in the software for all Korean customers. They will then be able to easily compare their swing with Kyung-Suh in 3D, making best usage of the multiple views provided by the system.

Guru Training Systems is very proud of the progress and the visibility of Swinguru Pro in South Korea and congratulates Kyung Suh Song for his award.

About Swinguru Pro
Swinguru Pro is a new way of teaching golf: using a 3D camera, the software can analyse a golf swing with precision, without requiring the user to wear any markers or special equipment. This allows the user to enjoy the full range of motion and brings an intuitive and interactive experience for 3D golf swing analysis that is both affordable and easy to use.

About Guru Training Systems
Guru Training Systems (Brussels, Belgium) is a leading innovative company specialized in analysis of sport movements. Created in early 2010, Guru Training Systems pioneered computer gesture recognition technology for the golf industry and has become a favorite in golf academies, indoor golf-centers, golf courses, recreational events, hotels and resorts.

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