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Free Release Motoric Training choose Swinguru Pro to analyses

Free Release a method created by Frank Drollinger has chosen Swinguru Pro to analyze the center of gravity displacement during a golf swing. The method gives to the golfer more distance & precision. The swing is simpler, healthier & measurably better. The Swinguru team is proud to be part of this project.

Frank Drollinger: "Swinguru Pro helps me to measure and create objective data's. It also helps to compare the old and the new method way and it is a very good tool for advance training and Free Release Motoric Training. I visited the Swinguru team near Brussels, Belgium, driving by car more than 10 hours - so other instructors would be able to imagine how important this system will be for my work and me. ยป
About Swinguru Pro

Swinguru Pro is a new way of teaching golf: using a 3D camera, the software can analyse a golf swing with precision, without requiring the user to wear any markers or special equipment. This allows the user to enjoy the full range of motion and brings an intuitive and interactive experience for 3D golf swing analysis that is both affordable and easy to use.

About Free Release
Check their website : to discover how this German method brings more distance and more precision for an healthier golf swing.

About Guru Training Systems
Guru Training Systems (Brussels, Belgium) is a leading innovative company specialized in analysis of sport movements. Created in early 2010, Guru Training Systems pioneered computer gesture recognition technology for the golf industry and has become a favorite in golf academies, indoor golf-centers, golf courses, recreational events, hotels and resorts.

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