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E‐par's EMS for Golf to set new environmental standard in Australia

ALBANY, N.Y. -- e‐par's Environmental Management System (EMS) for Golf has been selected to provide the framework for a new Environmental Minimum Standard in Australia. The rollout of this voluntary standard will initially focus on the 400‐plus golf facilities and clubs in New South Wales (NSW) beginning with a pilot phase led by e‐par Australia in cooperation with the New South Wales Golf Course Superintendents Association (NSWGCSA).

"Our association has a longstanding commitment to the environment," states Craig Molloy, President of the NSWGCSA, "and e‐par's world‐class expertise and guidance will help our members drive real environmental improvements." Other organizations involved in the development of this new standard include the Australian Golf Course Superintendents Association, Golf Management Australia, Golf NSW, and the NSW Environmental Protection Agency. Along with the use of e‐par's web‐based Environmental Management System for Golf, NSWGCSA members will have access to a password‐secure web platform that includes a set of best practice environmental procedures, an environmental training program, an environmental procurement guide, environmental risk assessments, an environmental legislation register, and a compliance reporting tool.

"By utilizing e‐par's EMS for Golf and other environmental management resources, golf course superintendents will be better‐positioned to address the most critical areas of environmental protection in a more systematic way," continues Molloy. The pilot phase of the standard was launched in September and will be completed in early 2013. "The forty‐two pilot members have worked in teams to review and comment on each section," according to Terry Muir, Managing Director of e‐par Australia.

"We are using this feedback to refine the draft documentation and produce the final minimum standard protocols. We are confident that the adoption of this standard, specifically the inclusion of the e‐par EMS for Golf, will become a global model."

In the United States, the adoption of Environmental Management Systems by business is widely supported by the federal and state regulatory community. As such, e‐par USA, is working with various golf associations to bring this more comprehensive environmental management standard to the golf industry. "There is a growing recognition that the piecemeal and project‐based environmental management approaches of the past are simply not enough," states e‐par USA's President & CEO Kevin A. Fletcher, Ph.D. "Golf's environmental game will benefit by becoming more strategic, more tied to business operations, and built on a robust and comprehensive environmental management systems framework. As we talk with golf leaders across the country about the value of adopting this more sophisticated approach to environmental management, we can point to e‐par's efforts in Australia and this new Environmental Minimum Standard being developed as positive examples."

About e‐par & e‐par USA, Inc.
E‐par was founded by Terry Muir in 2002 in response to the biggest pollution incident in the golf industry's history in Australia. E‐par provides environmental management consulting, training, and support for a wide range of industries. This includes the delivery of the award‐winning ISO 14001‐ compliant e‐par Environmental Management System (EMS) for Golf currently in use in over two‐dozen countries and endorsed by the Australian Golf Course Superintendents Association (

In 2012, E‐par USA, Inc. was formed by Muir and Dr. Kevin A. Fletcher and the e‐par EMS for Golf was launched in the United States. Along with EMS development, e‐par USA also provides education, services, and training to assist golf facilities, sports facilities, parks & recreation operations, and municipalities with environmental management and sustainable business solutions.

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About the New South Wales Golf Course Superintendents Association
The New South Wales Golf Course Superintendents Association (NSWGCSA) is a fraternal conglomerate of Professional Turf Managers, their assistants and a wide range of other turf related specialists who have a direct connection with the Golf Course Industry. The Association began back in the 1930's when regular gatherings took place between early Greenkeepers to discuss and exchange methods and strategies in search of the higher standards of presentation for their fine turf areas. The NSWGCSA has grown considerably from those early days, but the objectives have remained the same.

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