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Kim Welch, winner of the Big Break: Kaanapali, trains with FitGolf

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Kim Welch, winner of the Big Break: Kaanapali has seen improvements in her physical abilities and fitness with the help of the FitGolf Performance Center located in Sacramento. She has been training with FitGolf for 9 months. Kim came to FitGolf Performance Centers to focus on a few minor injuries and to increase her overall golf related fitness. Her goals are to prevent future injuries as well as become a stronger more powerful player then she had in the past to make gains, and perform at the next level. Kim competed in Q-school this fall. She shot -4 in her final round to make it through and earn a spot on the LPGA, where her goal will be to continue to improve to an elite level.

"I've been consistently training with FitGolf in Sacramento for about 9 months now, and this is by far the strongest and most flexible that I have ever felt" says Welch. She continues, "The stability and strength that I feel in my swing is something that I feel has allowed me to be a more consistent and more powerful ball-striker. My trainer, Greg, knows exactly how to tailor my program to fit my needs as a golfer - specifically, a golfer who is on the road 9 months a year. More importantly, Greg understands the injuries I've sustained in the past and is able to build a program that not only works around the injury, but also works towards strengthening those weaker areas."

"Kim is very motivated, although she is already a good player, she understands that she can still improve, says Greg Johnson of FitGolf Performance Centers. "We found a few weak areas and physical limitations and we attacked them head on, she works hard because she understands the benefit of minimizing those weaknesses. Her dynamic core strength has come a long way in the time that we've been working together,"

FitGolf Performance center in Sacramento is located at 3400 Elvas Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95819.

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