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Sunice apparel company helps event meet fundraising objective

MONTREAL -- Sunice is proud to announce that Tremblant's 24h of skiing surpassed its 2012 fundraising objective, with $2,045,391.

24 hours! That's 1,440 minutes or 86,400 seconds, or the time it takes the earth to rotate once on its axis. That's a very short period! But the memories of participating in an event that makes a difference in the lives of many, lasts forever. Don't miss the 13th edition of the 24h of skiing, December 5-8, 2013.

2012 was Sunice's 3rd year as partner and official outfitter of the event. Sunice outfitted volunteers, organizing committee and celebrities. The company also had a team of 6 participating in the event, who raised over $6,000 and came in 58th on the skiing part of the event. Sunice Layers were sold at the event (official layers of the event) and all proceeds were donated to the event.

"We are proud to partner and support such a unique event with great cause. The fit is natural for us given our ski collection and we are delighted to contribute to the event both through our partnership and our team participating and fundraising for the event. We thank all our friends and family that have donated and supported the team through the 24 hours we relayed skiing ", said Julien Heon, Director of Marketing for Sunice and Team Captain for the Sunice 2012 team at the 24hr of Tremblant.

The 24h of Skiing is North America's biggest sporting fundraising event, that's raised more than $10M for children's causes since 2001. The 12th annual edition took place on the slopes of Tremblant on December 7 to 9, 2012. The event featured 3 days of festivities, free concerts and an unbeatable atmosphere, all for the cause of children!

24h of skiing overview
Back in 1998, Jacques Villeneuve and Craig Pollock founded a non-profit association called Formula Charity. Their mission was to create events to raise money for childhood illnesses. Shortly after the creation of Formula Charity, the association hosted a large-scale annual event in Switzerland, the 24h de Villars, to raise money for a charitable cause in the host region. In December 2001, Formula Charity introduced the event to Québec, hosting the first edition of Tremblant's 24h of skiing. The Canadian event was a great success, thanks in part to the European experience and raised over $300,000 at its inaugural edition. Today, the event gathers up to 25,000 people every year, including almost 2000 participants, sponsors, celebrities, musicians and the media.

The main focus of the 24h of skiing is a friendly ski or snowboard relay which takes place continuously over a 24 hour period on the slopes of Mont-Tremblant. Teams compete to cover the most terrain during the 24 hour period and ultimately raise the highest amount of money for the causes. The 24h of skiing is the biggest social gathering of the year in Tremblant, with sports enthusiasts, the general public, philanthropists, artists and celebrities congregating every December to raise money for children's causes.

The mission of the Tremblant 24h Foundation is to raise funds for the benefit of children's causes via unique sporting events in the Mont-Tremblant region; mainly the Tremblant Resort. The 24h Foundation produces three events per year: the 24h of skiing, the 24h of cycling and the 24h walk. They are events during which people make the most of their health and physical capacities to give of themselves, over 24 hours, for children who are less fortunate than others.

The 24h of skiing benefits four foundations: Fondation Centre de Cancérologie Charles-Bruneau, The Ottawa Senators Foundation, Fondation Martin-Matte and the Tremblant Foundation.

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