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Feel Golf Comapany suggests Pro Release grips for the holidays

SANFORD, Fla. -- Looking for what to get your favorite golfers for the holidays but can't afford that new driver? Get them Feel Golf's Pro Release grips for their clubs. Feel Golf Co., Inc., has been a leader in designing performance-enhancing golf grips. Its Pro Release™ grip is the 3rd generation of Feel Golf's extremely popular patented Full Release™ grip and is played by a number of players on the PGA Tour.

The Pro Release™ is designed to provide improved performance for the low & mid handicap and to prevent the better player from "getting stuck" while creating a more powerful release at impact. With the grip's smaller diameter, the grip is carried in the fingers as most good players do and not in the palm, which restricts the release causing loss of distance and control. The Pro Release also provides additional benefits for players that cannot grip a traditional size grip due to joint afflictions, such as arthritis as well as for players with smaller hands, such as ladies and juniors.

"New grips are one of the most overlooked game improvement tools in most golfer's bags," said Lee Miller, Feel Golf's CEO. "Without the proper grips on their clubs, the player is robbing themselves of distance and causing more errant shots. The Pro Release™ immediately increases your distance, your feel around the green and reduces your hook or slice. This game improvement grip allows you to fully release the club to attain maximum club head speed and control."

Pro Release features and benefits:
• Immediate increase in distance
• Grip design provides faster release, more control and accuracy.
• Power generating release at impact for players who carry the club deep in the slot
• Smaller diameter in the top hand allows the grip to fit in your fingers, not your palm thereby reducing distance-robbing tension
• Shaft end of grip is thinner, providing flexibility to build up the shaft with grip tape and match each individual's unique grip preference

Feel Golf also manufactures the "SBST" (Straight Back Straight Through) Inverted Pistol Putter grip modeled on the same principle as its "Pro Release"™ performance grip. The "SBST" design is larger in the bottom hand and smaller in your top hand making it easier to align the grip in your palm. This helps in preventing your wrists from breaking during the putting stroke and causing those offline putts. Available in all Black or all White the "SBST" can make your putting part of the game just a little easier.

For golfers who want help eliminating hand/wrist breakdown during the putting stroke, Feel Golf offers a Mid-Oversized standard putter grip. The mid-oversized grip also assists golfers in achieving a smoother putting tempo and more confidence on the green.

For more information on all of Feel Golf's grips and other products, go to or call 877-934-7387.

Feel Golf ( is known for its award-winning wedges, its complete line of premium and better feeling golf clubs, as well as the world's number one reverse taper golf grip "The Full Release." Since 1985, Tour players worldwide have played Feel Golf wedges and irons to win major championships and tournaments. Feel Golf is adding a line of accessories; including but not limited to; a traditional mid-oversize putter grip; a reverse paddle putter grip and a line of patent pending ball retrievers.

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