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Golf Town announces new eight- and 12 winter session programs

MARKHAM, Ontario, Canada -- If you like to play golf, chances are you'd like to improve. And there's no better time to do so than the off-season, when the weather turns golfers to indoor learning rather than outdoor play.

"Any time you can get a student into a controlled environment, where they can focus on technique, good things usually happen," explains Andre Cuerrier, the Director of Academies and Services at Golf Town. "People generally have more things going on in the summertime and are typically wishing they were on the golf course, as opposed to sweating it out on the range. When players book lessons in the winter, we find they have better concentration and get a lot more out of every lesson.

"It's not only more efficient time spent; it's more productive, since they don't go back on the course the next day and fall back into the same old bad habits," explains Cuerrier, whose team of 40+ PGA of Canada professionals collectively administer an estimated 40,000 lessons annually from coast to coast at Golf Town. "A series of winter lessons generally means the next time the student swings a golf club is their very next lesson. In other words, you get used to repeating the new and improved swing; not the faulty old one. And that usually translates into better scores and a more enjoyable experience on the golf course by the time next season rolls around. I've seen plenty of those examples first hand."

The educational process has become increasingly refined in recent years, thanks to sophisticated new computer-swing and ball-flight analysis software and hardware at Golf Town. The technology enables instructors and club fitters to capture a vast array of swing data. Golf Town's winter programs take advantage of that data to establish a benchmark of players' current abilities, running them through a series of tests during a 30 to 45-minute assessment in a golf simulator that evaluates a player's aptitude with short and medium putts, chipping, pitching, short and long irons and drivers. That produces a report card that highlights where the student should focus their energies. The technology also allows instructors to ensure that their students are optimally fit to their current or new golf clubs.

Golf Town offers eight- and 12 winter session programs ($224.99 and $349.99, respectively).

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