Golf News for Tuesday, December 11, 2012 | Instruction

Katherine Roberts debuts Yoga for Golfers fitness workout series

Yoga for Golfers has just released a series of downloadable golf fitness DVD's featuring world-renown yoga and golf fitness expert Katherine Roberts, founder of Yoga for Golfers and Roberts Flex-Fit Method.

This golf and fitness DVD series, designed specifically to help golfers lower their scores and increase enjoyment of the game includes: The Putting Workout, Par Level Workout, 3Dimensional Warm-Up and the 3Dimensional Workout all available through the new Yoga for Golfers website

Roberts, whose golf fitness workout regimens have been featured on The Golf Channel, is fully dedicated to helping people maximize their mind-body performance both on-and-of the course with new workout DVD's that can be used at home, at the office or in the gym.

According to Roberts, golf and yoga are fundamentally similar, both with intentional, dynamic movement of the body in 3-planes of motion which she demonstrates effectively in the comprehensive 3Dimensional Workout DVDs. This easy-to-follow workout provides a warm-up plus a standing series of poses that build strength, stamina and power, plus core poses which will help golfers maintain a consistent spine angle through the entire swing plane. For those heading out to the course they can utilize the 3Dimensional Warm-Up just prior.

Drawing excitement amongst golfers is the new downloadable putting DVD (The Putting Workout), designed specifically for improved performance on the green. It introduces ways to strengthen core stability, abdominal, back and glutes with spine support, which minimizes back pain while putting. It also focuses on how to achieve a more consistent, fluid shoulder turn with the ability to gain "quiet hands" during the putting stroke.

Due to the long-standing popularity of Robert's Par Level Workout DVD, she has produced a 2013 version which incorporates even more tips on how to gain inner core strength and stamina and successfully extend range of motion. To order any of Roberts golf fitness downloadable DVD's or her best-selling books Yoga for Golfers or Swing Flaws and Fitness Fixes, visit today where you can also learn about Yoga for Golfers personal instruction, educational training conferences and related products.

Katherine Roberts, Founder of Yoga for Golfers and the KR Flex-Fit Method is a Nike Swoosh Elite athlete, a Golf Magazine fitness panel expert and a golf fitness content contributor to Asian Golf Monthly. She has also been a contributor to The Golf Channel, and appeared on The Turn, The Big Break, How Low Can You Go and Game ON! She is a supporter of Play Golf America and Golf 2.0. In addition to her fitness and performance work in golf, Roberts is the yoga expert for the LA Dodgers, San Diego Padres and Oakland A's.

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