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WindPro by ShedRain industry's "top wind umbrella" has no peer

Successfully wind tested at near hurricane force wind speed, the WindPro® is without peer when it comes to protection and durability. There is no better umbrella on the market.

Others claim to be stronger, but make no mistake, ShedRain® beats them all, hands down. The competition simply folds.

ShedRain® has been recognized by Consumer Reports for best umbrella, New York magazine for "Best Bets" umbrella and the Wall Street Journal for "top wind umbrella."

The new WindPro® Vented Auto Open is a combination of elegance and function, designed to not only withstand high winds, but give maximum coverage from both the sun and the rain.

Features of this top rated umbrella:
• Fiberglass shaft & rib construction offers significant increase in durability and life of the umbrella
• WindPro® Vented canopy featuring heavy duty nylon cables - engineered to resist windy conditions
• Fabric protected with Teflon® brand repellent finish allowing the water to dry much faster
• Official testing placed WindPro® by ShedRain over 20 miles per hour more durable than its nearest competitor
• 3.0 TSF Tri-Shot form handle with Airflex Polymeric rubber grip
• Automatically opens with the push of a button to 62-inch canopy arc (157.5 cm); the largest style opens to a generous 68-inch canopy arc

About ShedRain
Founded in 1947, ShedRain® is a family-owned, third-generation company and the industry leader in umbrellas and raingear. ShedRain markets its brand through America's finest retailers, including Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale's and Macy's, and makes private label umbrellas for brands such as Brookstone, Eddie Bauer, Banana Republic, L.L.Bean, Timberland and GAP. The company is based in Portland, Oregon with offices on Fifth Avenue in New York and extensive product development throughout Asia.

To see the entire WindPro® Collection, please visit ShedRain online at

Contact us - we'll send you a sample to test and see for yourself why ShedRain outperforms all competitors!

Howard Ruben

Stefanie Williamson