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First PGA members achieve certification through PGA CPP 2.0 program

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. -- Following the debut of the new PGA Certified Professional Program 2.0, The PGA of America's enhanced, all-digital training and education curriculum, nine PGA Professionals have completed the requirements to become the first PGA members to achieve certification through the advanced PGA CPP 2.0 program.

Aligned with the goals of the Golf 2.0 strategic initiative to give PGA members a state-of-the-art skillset to grow the game of golf, PGA CPP 2.0 is an online, career-enhancing solution that ensures that PGA members have the skills, competencies and job requirements demanded by employers and customers throughout the golf industry.

The following PGA Professionals recently achieved certifications:

* Matthew Black, PGA - Natrona Heights, Pa., Tri-State PGA Section (Golf Operations)
* Shawn Costello, PGA - Boca Raton, Fla., South Florida PGA Section (Golf Operations and General Management)
* Matt Jordan, PGA - Altamonte Springs, Fla., North Florida PGA Section (Golf Operations)
* Scott Kash, PGA - Ft. Myers, Fla., South Florida PGA Section (Golf Operations)
* Doreen Melucci, PGA - Allison Park, Pa., Tri-State PGA Section (Golf Operations)
* Robert Norton, PGA - Bald Head Island, N.C., Carolinas PGA Section (General Management)
* Matthew Primrose, PGA - Parrish, Fla., North Florida PGA Section (Golf Operations)
* Seth Ray, PGA - Port St. Lucie, Fla., South Florida PGA Section (General Management)
* Kevin Stull, PGA - Columbia, Mo., Gateway PGA Section (Golf Operations)

Designed with direct input from employers and industry experts to immediately enhance PGA members' expertise and performance in the workplace, the all-digital PGA CPP 2.0 is an intuitive program available on that offers certifications in Golf Operations, General Management and Player Development, with Instruction soon to debut. These four distinct certification programs encompass seven defined Career Paths (Golf Operations, Retail, General Management, Executive Management, Ownership and Leasing, Golf Instruction and Player Development), supporting PGA members who are committed to continuously enhancing their golf management skills, in order to stay ahead of the increasing demands of the industry. Since the PGA Certified Professional Program's original inception in 2004, a total of 762 PGA Professionals have earned a combined 1,499 certifications in their desired career paths.

"It is The PGA of America's obligation to ensure that PGA Professionals are prepared and equipped to lead the growth of the golf industry over the next 20 years and beyond," said PGA Master Professional Dawes Marlatt, The PGA's Director of Education. "By adapting the PGA CPP 2.0 program to account for and adjust to marketplace conditions in real time, we are providing our constituency with a much more flexible learning environment than ever before, which is specifically designed to enhance and support their career goals and aspirations."

The online learning approach ensures broad access to the program, while reducing the time and travel costs associated with traditional classes. Further, the new digital integration of the educational curriculum offers e-learning solutions and best-in-class applications, so PGA Professionals can experience unique situations, use critical thinking to acquire relevant knowledge and immediately transfer and apply their knowledge to real-time situations and everyday business matters. PGA CPP 2.0 enables PGA Professionals to maintain a competitive edge in the workforce, while gaining additional tools to enhance performance at their facility.

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