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Steve Wileman new NG360 Nike Golf Performance Specialist ln Yorkshire, England

HULL, England, United Kingdom -- Hull based movement specialist and Director of TWS Training Ltd, Steve Wileman, has recently become Yorkshire's only NG360° Nike Golf Performance Specialist, powered by the Gray Institute, one of just 40 certified professionals in Europe.

Steve said, "The Nike Golf NG360 Functional Performance System is truly ground breaking and totally unique in the golf industry today, it uses a scientific process of analysis and training that enhances the athleticism and performance of golfers, at all skill levels, through golf specific assessments and training, quite simply, there is nothing like it".

He goes on to say, "As a Nike Golf NG360 Performance Specialist, powered by the Gray Institute, I work with golfers directly, or as a compliment to the club golf pro helping to rectify golfers swing limitations, improving athleticism and performance. This is done using never seen before golf specific assessments through to golf focused training that looks and feels like golf, is specific to the individual, and directly relates to their swing".

Nike Golf worked with a world leader in functional performance, the Gray Institute based in the United States, to develop a specific athletic performance based program for golf, taking two years to develop before its U.S launch earlier this year. "We believe this partnership is game-changing to the sport of golf", said Kel Devlin, Nike Golf's Director of Global Athlete Development. "The Gray Institute is the expert in the study of body movement in sport, this program will transform human potential because it will help golfers physically move better to play better".

Steve adds "The body has to serve the swing, and the golf swing is such a complex movement, requiring properly sequenced contributions from all parts of the body. If there are limitations in flexibility, strength, or balance, anywhere in the body, it will result in a less effective and efficient swing. It is essential that these limitations be identified and resolved so that each golfer can maximize their full potential and enjoyment of their game".

Burstwick Country Golf near Hull are the areas first club to enlist Yorkshire's only certified NG360 Golf Performance Specialist to enhance their members golfing experience. Director of Golf at the club, Alan Key, said, "the system is totally unique to the industry, after just 30 minutes with Steve, my swing had improved in both power and consistency". The clubs PGA professional Stewart Fraser added, "it's impressive, I liked what I saw from the outset and the results speak for themselves, I have never seen anything like it".

Steve was keen to point out that comparisons will be made to other golf performance programs currently on the market and added, "only Nike Swoosh Staff, who are golf teaching professionals, and movement specialists, such as myself, who are physical therapists, trainers or chiropractors for example, can become certified NG360 Golf Performance Specialists, powered by the Gray Institute. Combine this expertise with the ground breaking analysis and golf specific training that the system offers, and you have something that is simply game changing for golfers, and for the industry as a whole".

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