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ColdFusion Cold Weather Golf Ball specifically for cold weather

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Raleigh area golf equipment specialist Curtis Colvin of Club Guy Golf, has created the first golf ball specifically designed for cold weather play.

Homegrown in North Carolina, the ColdFusion Cold Weather Golf Ball is the first of its kind. It was created as a simple, smart solution to reduced golf ball performance that comes with playing in cold weather.

Colvin, keen on the relationship between golf equipment and playability, has often heard golfers make the same complaint every year about losing distance and feel as the weather changed. He wanted to simplify their experience by eliminating the search for a ball to use in cold weather.

After determining that there wasn't a ball specifically designed to be played in colder weather, he researched and developed the ColdFusion Cold Weather Golf Ball. He created a smart solution with emphasis on maintaining the player's performance and feel in colder temperatures. The ball's unique construction makes it outperform regular balls in cold weather.

Because the ColdFusion ball works better when cold it simplifies life on the course. No longer is it necessary to try to keep golf balls warm over the course of a round. It actually needs to be kept cold for maximum performance. Colvin suggests that you store the ball where it will be kept chilled/cold before and during a round.

Available at Club Guy Golf and at, the ColdFusion Cold Weather Golf Ball is the simple, smart choice for golfers who enjoy playing through the winter.

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