Golf News for Monday, December 3, 2012 | Books

Release of new golf novel "Dead Men's Clubs" by Charlie Ryan

Munch Malone's high handicap hasn't dimmed his enthusiasm for the game of golf. Now, at seventy years of age, he has drawn some unlikely attention---from the afterlife. From on high, two golfers, both quite deceased, have been scouring Earth on a quest to find the right golfer for a grand experiment from the Great Beyond. And then they find Munch, who is oblivious to the role he is about to play.

The book, by author Charlie Ryan, takes the reader through some hilarious moments as Munch is led to, and begins to buy, reconditioned clubs that once belonged to the heavenly golf duo in the sky. With each club purchase Munch plays better golf, winning his club championship. Eventually, using a full set of clubs that once belonged to the two deceased golfers, he qualifies for the USGA Senior Men's Amateur Championship at The Greenbrier.

Munch slowly realizes he is being channeled from above and that he is destined to win the Championship; but he is derailed as Vegas operatives plot to steal his clubs. The escapade romps from the golf course into the Greenbrier, racing through the hotel's underground "Bunker" where Congress was supposed to be housed in case of nuclear attack during the Cold War, and into the Grand Casino where plots are hatched and bets fly.

Munch struggles to overcome obstacles placed in his path as sexual twists punctuate the action and Glocks are drawn on the course. Thousands are glued to the action, cheering Munch on, as he charges into golf history, wielding Dead Men's Clubs.

The book, in either soft cover or email edition, is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Ryan is available at any time for telephone or, when feasible, in-person interviews with media.

Contact: Charlie Ryan
Phone: 304-541-4999
Address: Charlie Ryan
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