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Longitudes Group results of Internet Shopping & Golf Consumer survey

PORTLAND, Ore. -- As shoppers rev up for holiday shopping, Longitudes Group announced the results of its first ever Internet Shopping & Golf Consumer survey. Longitudes Group, a golf research and consulting company, has generated this report to document the current pulse of golf consumers online as they navigate technology, game improvement, the hottest brands, and seek value while feeding the addictive quest to lower their golf scores. As online retail sites continue to expand their share of golf product sales, it's becoming clear that sales represent just one short-term measure of online success.

Key insights include:

· Rankings by avid golfers and avid shoppers of the top twelve online retailers, including both golf specialty and the ecommerce giants, Amazon and Ebay

· Golf balls are the most frequent category purchased online, but the other top-selling categories that follow will surprise you

· The best golfers in the sample, with handicaps 10 or below, shop more times per year online and spend more in total than higher handicap golfers

· The impact of demoing clubs and being custom-fit at a traditional golf facility has on purchase decisions

"With Cyber Monday upon us, golfers and gift givers are perusing the golf websites to shop for Christmas and the next golf season," stated Sara Killeen, President of Longitudes Group. "This timely research shares powerful insights into the key products and top websites for golf consumers as they spend big on both hard goods and soft goods."

The Research
In mid-October 2012, the survey was fielded to members of the Golfnet handicap network. Golfnet has over 100,000 members who receive a bi-monthly email with handicap updates. Additional content, including this survey, is also offered to the golfers along with the handicap update. An incentive was offered to respond to the 3-4 minute survey. The results in this report are culled from the survey with over 1,300 respondents. More in depth results are available on a custom basis. Please contact us for details.

The fifteen (15) page report is affordably priced at $279 per copy through Longitudes Group website, For further information on the preparation of a custom analysis, please contact Sara Killeen or Linda Pierson at (503) 477-6284.

Longitudes Group, LLC, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is a research and marketing company providing unique analysis on the travel and spending behaviors of avid golfers in the US and Canada. Armed with a database containing information on the behavior of 5.8 million avid golfers mapped by county and zip code, Longitudes Group uses a geo-demographic approach to probe both the location and purchase behavior of the avid golfer population. On the supply side, Longitudes Group has built the most up-to-date database of golf retailers including 16,000 golf facilities, 925 off-course retail stores and 1,900 chain sporting goods store. Canadian Market Analyses are also available. For more information, visit the company online at

Contact Info:
Sara Killeen, President
(503) 477-6284

Linda Pierson, Marketing
(503) 477-6284