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DSG Fleet Solutions adds "Virtual Fence" feature display to units

SURREY, British Columbia, Canada -- DSG Fleet Solutions, a global leader in manufacturing fleet management systems is very proud to announce that the TAG Touch Fleet Management System now features "Virtual Fence" display on its high definition cart mounted units.

''We are extremely proud of being able to release this feature to our current and future customers." Said Alex Doaga, President and COO for DSG Fleet Solutions. "One of the keys to our fleet management system is proactively keeping customers away from potential problems. Our virtual fence lets the golfer know about a protected area before they arrive, that helps the course operator be pro-active in managing their customers. " Continued Doaga.

The TAG Touch "Virtual Fence" is an industry first. The hole graphic display on the high definition screen shows protected and restricted areas to the golfers warning them in advance of "no go" areas which helps prevent golfers driving their carts where they shouldn't.

"This is part of our philosophy of using the TAG system to help operators solve issues before they become occur and become a problem. This feature also reduces or eliminates the need for staff to install ropes and signs saving valuable labor dollars." Said Doaga.

The TAG Touch is a high definition touch activated golfer information system that can be installed on any golf cart. The TAG Touch also has the TAG control backbone which gives the operator the ability to control the golf cart or vehicle through geo-fencing and monitor all course activity on any computer through a web based interface. The TAG Touch feature set has been designed through years of consultation with operators all over the world.

About DSG Fleet Solutions
DSG Fleet Solutions manufactures and markets the GPS/Wireless based TAG management system for golf courses, parks, and recreation facilities around the world. The TAG system is the golf industry's first and only universal modular fleet management system that can be installed on any vehicle. Using a web interface operators track, control, and communicate with individual vehicles from any computer. Operators can choose from an alphanumeric display or full color touch screen to provide golfer information and customize the system functionality to their exact specifications and budget. For more information please go to

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