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Feel Golf debuts new 'D-Best' carbon fiber telescopic retriever

SANFORD, Fla. -- Feel Golf Co., Inc., an innovator in golf club design for the past three decades, is introducing its new patent-pending carbon fiber telescopic retriever dubbed "D-Bestâ„¢." The new design extracts golf balls from the water faster than SEAL Team 6. D-Best retrievers are more rigid than steel and are five times stronger than Feel Golf's stainless steel version by weight. These carbon fiber shafts are much lighter, have no internal mechanisms, and are much easier to use.

A select few of Feel Golf's major customers have seen the new Carbon Fiber retriever and said, "This is a winner and should stimulate the ball retriever market."

As with all of Feel Golf's new retrievers, D-Best retrievers are engineered to block water from getting inside the shaft and preventing shaft failure. The retriever has a 20 percent larger head made from a stronger plastic alloy material and has a much improved spring mechanism, compared to previous retriever models.

"We have had great success with the sales of our golf ball retrievers, but we wanted to make them even better and promote the improved durability of the product for our customers," said Lee Miller, Feel Golf CEO and PGA Professional with a PhD in engineering. "D-Best carbon fiber retrievers are the strongest, most compact and durable retrievers offered by Feel Golf."

The new spring-loaded patent-pending head design instantly traps the ball in the water, sand or mud. Once the ball is trapped inside the head, it won't come out until it is released.

"Spring fatigue, internal shaft corrosion and disengagement have been historical problems with previous retriever designs," said Miller. "To fix these issues, we shortened the spring mechanism in our retriever head, enhanced the spring wire material and redesigned the coil to reduce over extension and help capture the ball a lot faster. All of the improvements help increase the life of the product and reduce product failure."

According to Miller, Feel Golf's new plastic alloy head also withstands deterioration that typically can be caused by certain fertilizers used on golf courses.

D-Best retrievers are packaged in a hanging clamshell to help protect against damage, discourage theft, present a smaller retail footprint and improve product display. Inside each clamshell is a free retriever head cover.

'D-Best' Features and Benefits:
- Patent Pending
- Carbon Fiber 7-foot that collapses to 25" and weighs only 6 ounces
- Carbon Fiber 10- foot that collapses to 28" and weighs 8 only ounces
- Twice as rigid as steel and 5 times stronger by weight
- Stronger High Tensile Spring Steel (HTSS) doubles spring life
- High Grade Plastic Alloy Head
- No Internal Moving Parts
- Will not Rust or Corrode
- FREE head cover

For more information, go to or call 877-934-7387.

Feel Golf ( is known for its award-winning wedges, its complete line of premium and better feeling golf clubs, as well as the world's number one reverse taper golf grip "The Pro Release." Since 1988, Tour players worldwide have played Feel Golf wedges and irons to win major championships and tournaments. Feel Golf has added a line of accessories; including but not limited to; a traditional mid-oversize putter grip; divot tools; a reverse paddle putter grip and a line of patent pending ball retrievers.

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