Golf News for Monday, November 26, 2012 | Products

NCAA Champions University of Texas in Austin to train on HD Golf

ONTARIO, Canada -- The top ranked men's NCAA golf team, from the University of Texas in Austin will soon be training on HD Golf. They join a rapidly growing list of teams installing these simulators to maintain their competitive edge.

"PGA Tour pros and top ranked golf instructors have been using our system for a number of years. Now this advanced tool is catching on quickly among Universities," says Todd Richardson, President and CEO of HD Golf™. "They can train through rain, snow or the summer heat of Texas." Used as a comprehensive diagnostic tool, HD Golf™ provides instant feedback and detailed analysis after every swing, helping students to improve quickly.

A number of other schools have installed HD Golf™ recently, including Purdue, High Point, Culver Academies, Johnson & Wales and St. Thomas. "Besides providing technologically advanced analysis and instruction, feedback from the schools is that students are actually excited about training on the simulators - it's the technology generation," says Richardson.

HD Golf™, the company that pioneered computer vision technology in the golf simulation industry, is widely considered the most accurate system. It makes more measurements more accurately than any other system. Everything, including ball speed, launch angle, ball spin, spin axis, club head speed, swing path, club contact (heel/toe), club face (open/closed) and efficiency are captured. This data is critical for realistic ball flight simulation and providing feedback to help golfers perfect their swing.

For instruction, HD Golf™ offers a fully integrated professional golf instruction studio, which includes diagnostic tools for detailed shot analysis, video swing analysis, swing dynamics and weight transfer/balance analysis. The system generates a variety of customizable performance reports that students may access online. Very easy-to-use with a touchscreen interface, these professional-grade tools operate seamlessly from a single computer system.

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