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Pearl ProSports Introduces Pearl Putter adjustable lie putter

SENECA FALLS, N.Y. -- Pearl ProSports Inc. has introduced Pearl Putter, the world's very first adjustable lie putter. Designed for all golfers, Pearl Putter's unique advanced engineering allows for personal adjustments to the club so the head aligns perfectly parallel to the ground, which results in more accurate and consistent putts. The innovative putter is USGA conforming.

With drivers leading the adjustability trend, golfers have benefited by tweaking their equipment to fit their particular style of play for better performance. Now, thanks to intelligent and advanced technology, the putter can be customized to help anyone become better, and more consistent on the greens.

"It doesn't matter if a golfer is 5"2 or 6"2 or if they hold their hands high or low, the putter head must be parallel to the ground to send the ball on the correct path to the hole," says Bob Tewksbury, president of Pearl ProSports Inc. "The Pearl Putter is easily adjusted by inserting and turning a small tool in the base of the clubhead and loosening the shaft to put it in the right position for each golfer's unique set-up and stance."

Additionally, the putter's inventor, Earl Pottorff, believes that golfers are at a disadvantage if they're not playing with an adjustable putter. "The average golfer's putting accounts for 50% of their score," says Pottorff. "Despite the putter being the most used club in the bag, it's lagged in innovation. Seeing this disconnect, I decided to do something never done before and our adjustable lie putter was born."

The specifics of the new Pearl Putter include the patented self-adjusting lie. Its unique hosel design has been engineered to provide a highly visible sight line, and the clubface offers an oversized sweet spot with a slotted face designed for excellent roll off impact. The putter is center shafted for optimized MOI and the clubhead is precision CNC milled billet aluminum.

Pearl Putter will be offered in a variety of metallic and satin finishes and sold through the company's website ( or by calling 800-568-0023. The suggested retail price for a standard Pearl Putter is $250. Customized putters will cost $350 and golfers will have a choice of dynamic colors, finishes, engravings and grips.

About Pearl ProSports Inc.
Pearl ProSports Inc, based in Seneca Falls, New York, is a company dedicated to creating innovative equipment and products for the sporting industry. The Pearl Putter is the company's first product and it will officially be introduced at the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show. For more information about the Pearl Putter, visit the company's website at
or call 800-568-0023.

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