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ColdFusion Cold Weather Golf Balls designed for off-peak play

CARY, N.C. -- ColdFusion Cold Weather Golf Balls are specifically designed to be the intelligent choice among golfers for weather below 60 degrees. Be smart about the way you play this season!

"The ball came to rest less than a foot away from where it the Winter!! You just can't buy a ball like that from the Golf stores." Ryan L. Hawkins

Electing to play ColdFusion Cold Weather Golf Balls preserves your game in cold temperatures, it's that simple. It's the only ball designed for winter play.

Knowledgeable golfers who understand the impact of colder weather on "regular ball performance" will continue to play well and score with ColdFusion Cold Weather Golf Balls.

"Awesome...the ball just jumped off the iron faces with great control and ball flight! I really love this ball with all my long and short irons." Darrell Lee

The ColdFusion Cold Weather Golf Ball uses a core and cover combination that keeps the ball responsive in cold temperatures. It actually performs best when cold and should be kept cold prior and during use. Incredibly, they will even perform when frozen.

"I played the ColdFusion ball when the temperature was in the low 50's and was amazed that it had a softer feel than my Nike Power Soft. ColdFusion will be my ball of choice for its soft feel and great touch" Ira Schugar

Specifically designed and solution driven to perform in colder weather; ColdFusion is intelligence for your golf game.

Buy it. Chill it. Play it. Be ready this season and make the smart choice by ordering today at www.coldfusiongolf.

About ColdFusion Golf, Inc:
ColdFusion Golf, Inc. is the leader in innovative golf products. Founded in September 2009 by Curtis Colvin and John DuBois, the company seeks to provide golfers with cold weather solutions to maintain their game. The company's products are available at

For additional information, contact:
Curtis Colvin, ColdFusion Golf, Inc.
11301 Penny Rd. Suite E
Cary, NC 27518