Golf News for Thursday, November 15, 2012 | Equipment

Duane Engdahl announces pending release of Finesse Golf Putter

PHOENIX -- Putter designer/physicist, Duane Engdahl, will soon announce the release of his Finesse Golf Putter. This new putter technology will be the third generation in his quest to achieve putter design perfection. It benefits golfing achievers in a dozen ways.

His first generation putter technology was released about 8 years ago as the "Quantum Putter", the second was released about 2 years ago as the "Simplicity Putter", and now soon he will be releasing his ultimate putter technology as the "Finesse Putter".

Engdahl says, "I design putters for golfing achievers and I custom make each one to the exact specification to its owner. My mission is to help golfing achievers be the best they can be on the green, I don't even want to see one of my putters in the bag of an underachiever."

The new Finesse Putter embodies the following improvements to the previous state of the art Simplicity Putter: 1) The head is 25% more massive, thus giving it optimum stroke momentum and impact power; 2) The perpendicular setup alignment is slightly improved by eliminating sun glare, 3) the lateral setup alignment is slightly improved by changing the small dots to a fine line; and 4) each putter will be shaft-weighted so as to minimize annoying shaft impact vibration, this instead of offering shaft weighting options. These are minor improvements to some and important to others.

"The Simplicity Putter is currently the best putter available to golfers. And now," said Engdahl, "I have the problem of clearing Simplicity inventory before we release the new Finesse Putter. So I am going to make it worthwhile for golfers to buy my remaining inventory of Simplicity Putters."

The Simplicity Putter is fully described at www.simplicityputters,com and it has retailed at the base price of US$195, or more depending upon weighting options. Now that price has been reduced 50% to the clearance price of only US$95. This for as long as very limited inventory is still available.

The best putter currently available to golfing achievers is now only US$95. That's a pretty good deal!

For additional information, please contact:
Duane Engdahl, Putter Designer/Physicist
602-904-3434 ~