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LeviTee Golf Gloves awarded U.S. Patent for unique glove design

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. -- LeviTee Golf Gloves awarded US Patent for their unique glove design which eliminates the Death Grip and reduces grip pressure by up to 30 percent.

When asked about the news, LeviTee CEO, Corey Kasif said "This is an incredible day for the team at LeviTee. We knew our product was unique and through our hard work, patience, creativity and thousands of hours of testing, we now have our glove design patented."

Benefits from using the patented LeviTee Golf Glove:
• Grip force measurements conducted with our Hand Dynamometers show up to a 30% reduction in grip pressure.
• Increased Tension starts in the hands and the tightness creeps into all the other muscles, inhibiting any real dynamic swing. The LeviTee Glove helps eliminate the tightness by providing the player with a relaxed hand.
• The LeviTee Glove helps to avoid the "death grip". This allows the golfer to achieve proper grip pressure and results have included faster swing speeds and longer, straighter ball flights.
• The LeviTee Glove combines tour quality cabretta leather with a durable synthetic material to give you a glove that feels good and is as comfortable, if not more comfortable than traditional golf gloves.

"This is a real game changer for not only the golf industry, but for everyone who suffers from arthritis, tension, fatigue and other hand problems. Our patented IP allows for our technology to be built in all sports and non sports gloves. Imagine any sport, job or general leisure activity where a glove and gripping of an object such as a club, bat, paint brush, racket, handle bar or even a steering wheel is applied. Our technology can help." said Corey Kasif CEO of LeviTee Golf Gloves.

About LeviTee Golf Gloves
LeviTee Golf Gloves is a company created by passionate golfers who, through hard work and countless refining, created a ground-breaking golf glove that reduces your grip pressure by up to 30% and at the same time alleviates tension and fatigue in your hands and arms.

The LeviTee Golf Glove was developed and created to fill a void in the game that so many golfers suffer from. The Death Grip. The soft foam pads between the fingers of the LeviTee Golf Glove creates Finger Separation. (Finger Separation Technology). What this does is it increases the circumference of the grip. For those who suffer from hand ailments, this will aid in preventing hand pain while gripping the club. A looser grip also promotes quicker club head speed and results have included more distance and accuracy.

LeviTee Golf Gloves as currently seeking licensing and distribution partners interested in the LeviTee Golf Glove and patented technology. All Sports and Non-Sports company's interested in speaking to us can contact Corey Kasif at Corey or by calling 310-746-7075.

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