Golf News for Tuesday, October 30, 2012 | Products

Golfersskin Sunscreen use continues to grow among professionals

Nearing the tail end of a remarkable season for Golfersskin Sunscreen, four more elite golfers have committed to using the product for their skin protection - taking the total number of PGA Tour players now trusting Golfersskin to 173.

In a little over 12 months, the New Zealand based sunscreen manufacturer has built a very strong international story. "Just one year ago, we were putting together a plan to reach golfers with the news about Golfersskin. We decided early on that athlete usage among those at the top of their game - who make their living in the sun - would best advocate our story. We knew the product was amazing - but to claim one of the most impressive stories in golf in a little over a year is mind blowing." explains Ben Steward, CEO.

One of the recent additions to the team came at a welcome time with a new Golfersskin loyalist taking out his maiden PGA Tour victory at the McGladrey Classic in Georgia. "That win, coupled with a win on the European tour this week, took our worldwide win count to 35 for the season." says Steward.

As the Golfersskin story continues to grow, the company is seeing fantastic 'Fall Run' sales through authentic golf outlets - making Golfersskin Sunscreen more accessible to golfers across the country.

About Golfersskin Sunscreen
Golfersskin Sunscreen: the ultra-performance sunscreen range from New Zealand specifically developed for golfers.

Golfersskin offers total UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection from the elements. No matter how much you sweat, its non-greasy formula won't run into your eyes, and most importantly will not interfere with your grip. Golfersskin leaves you free to focus on what really matters.

Paraben free, paba free, and nanoparticle free Golfersskin powerfully nourishes your skin with moisturizing Aloe Vera and world-renowned UMF 18 Manuka Honey. Unique to New Zealand and touted for its remarkable anti-bacterial and antioxidant benefits, Manuka Honey fights free radicals and assists the body's ability to hydrate while soothing and improving your skin.

The team at Golfersskin is dedicated to ensuring that people have access to quality skin protection when out in full view of the sun's harmful rays. Backed by a team of serious international athletes, Golfersskin is driven to educate this generation about the dangers of unprotected sun exposure, and how better to safeguard yourself, your mates, and your family for life. Golfersskin helps to keep your "Skin Alive".

When you're out on the course, Golfersskin has you covered.