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Golf GameBook's latest update makes adding new friends easier

The more friends you have, the more fun Golf GameBook is. Invite your golf buddies, friends, family and relatives to share your golf experiences now! The more GameBook friends you have, the more comments, pictures and funny trash talk can be expected.

Thanks to the Golf GameBook's latest update for iOS devices (v3.3.) finding & inviting new friends has never been this easy. With new feature you can grow the number of GameBook friends just with two simple clicks:

1) On the leaderboard you'll see players who already are your friends marked by green tab (left picture).

2) If some of the players aren't your friend yet, you can add him / her as a friend by clicking the "adding" tab after the players name.

3) His / her scorecard will open for you and you can send the invite from the low right corner (right picture).

"With Golf GameBook people can enjoy golf's social aspect even more on and off the course. With this great new feature finding and inviting new friends is lot easier! I can tell you, the more friends you got the more fun Golf GameBook is. Now it's a good time to add as many new friends as you want, go to the golf course and show to your buddies how many birdies you shoot. This feature will be very soon available also on our Android app too", says Kalle Vainola, CEO and co-founder of Golf GameBook.

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