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FitGolf Performance Centers offers seminar to Indiana PGA Section

INDIANAPOLIS -- FitGolf Performance Centers, The Golf Fitness Experts™ in Indianapolis, IN will be offering an Educational Seminar to members of the Indiana PGA Section on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012. The topic being presented is "Body Issues in Golf Visualized through 3D Motion Analysis and Functional Testing." David Ostrow, CEO of FitGolf Performance Centers will be presenting the seminar to the Section.

"The goal of this seminar is to educate members on how to decide if the challenge in golf is technique or physical." said David Ostrow, CEO of FitGolf Performance Centers. "This type of information can help in improving the golfer's game as well as keeping them safe."

"As the owner of FitGolf Performance Center in Carmel, Indiana, I am very excited about introducing David Ostrow, CEO of FitGolf, to our Indiana PGA Section members." said Tracy Chapman. "David is considered one of the leading experts in the world of golf fitness, and it is an honor to have him here to educate our Indiana PGA professionals about the body's influence on the golf swing. This is going to be a great opportunity for those attendees to learn and teach how challenges in the golf swing are related to physical restrictions in the golfer."

FitGolf Performance Centers of Conshohocken is located at 1000 3rd Avenue, S.W., Suite 100, Carmel, Indiana 46032. For more information about the Indianapolis center, please visit

FitGolf Performance Centers programs are offered in 31 locations. The company is dedicated to helping golfers from a unique angle-the golfer's body. Based on the idea that a body limitation contributes to every swing flaw, FitGolf Performance Centers offers the most comprehensive set of golf fitness training and assessment tools to help you play better, more consistent golf with fewer aches and pains.

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