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Daphne's Headcovers President Jane Spicer earns business award

Jane Spicer, president and co-owner of Daphne's Headcovers, has been recognized as one of Arizona's top 25 women in business by The Phoenix Business Journal, was awarded the Positively Powerful Woman award for Entrepreneurship, and is a finalist for the Spirit of Enterprise awards by the W.P Carey school of business at Arizona State University. Spicer and all the Daphne's Headcovers employees expressed pride and satisfaction for the awards.

"In spite of an unhealthy economy, we managed to not only grow our business but also be recognized by some wonderful organizations for our accomplishments," Spicer explained. "Last year, we instituted some uncertain changes to our business and to see these kind of positive indicators gives us all a sense of accomplishment."

At the end of 2011, Spicer made a philosophical decision which left her business advisers uneasy. Daphne's Headcovers returned manufacturing to their Phoenix plant again. After a 10 year absence of manufacturing, the Phoenix based company is now running two shifts.

"Hearing the sewing and cutting machines in the building is like feeling the pulse of the business again," said Spicer. "The energy is tremendous and it feels so right!"

Not only is Daphne's making headcovers in this country, they've gone one step further and they've created a headcover using all army surplus. "We've taken a surplus canteen cover, embroidered a U.S Flag on it and finished it off with a military surplus sock. The fit is perfect and the look is rugged and all American. I just love it," Spicer explained.

The future appears bright for the market-leading Daphne's Headcovers. "Our team is creating new designs at break neck speed," Spicer revealed. "We have added a new member to the fabulously popular Monkey Made of Sockies team; included a perfect fit adjustor on every hybrid cover, and our custom business is soaring. We are challenging ourselves to change and improve on a daily basis and the quality and innovation of our headcovers reflect this commitment."

Each of the company's headcovers exhibits the Daphne's Difference. From conception to completion, each and every headcover is created with an eye on quality, function, form and attention to minute detail.

"Our company reputation is based on thirty-four years of providing quality through custom designs and attention to the smallest details," said Spicer. "Each of our 200-plus headcover designs bears our factory phone number. We are so convinced of our quality that should anything ever go wrong with one of our products, we will fix or replace it at our expense."

Daphne's Headcovers is located at 337 Melinda Lane in Phoenix, Arizona. For more information on Daphne's Headcovers, please call 800-327-4632 or visit

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