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HIRZL dominates LDA Tour Championship, captures top three places

HIRZL gloves domination of long drive competition continues as it captured the top three spots at the 2012 LDA Tour Championship at WinStart World Casino in Thackerville, OK on Friday September 14, 2012.

Using a TRUST Control glove, Tim Burke took home the top prize of $10,000 in the season ending Tour Championship for the Long Drivers of America tournament series. Aaron Mansfield, wearing the newest HIRZL SOFFFT Flex cabretta glove, came in second place, helping him sew up the 2012 LDA Player of the Year title. Dustin Merrill, wearing the HIRZL Trust Control glove, also used a custom HIRZL golf bag to help him secure third place.

"As the world's longest drivers competed head to head during the long drive Tour Championship competition, the one common denominator for success was HIRZL gloves," said Gary Sheppard, President of HIRZL North America. "By capturing the top three spots, HIRZL has clearly demonstrated that it is the glove of choice for the world's best golfers seeking the ultimate in a performance golf glove."

"HIRZL is looking forward to its continued success at the upcoming 2012 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship in October," added Sheppard. "The RE/MAX Championship is the biggest tournament in long drive competition, a tournament that we have clearly dominated before. Last year over 80% of the field used HIRZL gloves as we claimed victories in 5 divisions, including a world record in the senior division.

"HIRZL has reaffirmed its position as the leading performance golf glove and the ultimate in grip and durability," said Art Sellinger, chief executive officer of Long Drivers of America, owners of the Championship. "With so much riding on every single drive, a grip-enhancing golf glove is now one of the most trusted and valuable pieces of equipment used to help achieve longer and straighter drives and that is why the world's longest drivers use HIRZL gloves."

HIRZL is a global pioneer in high performance sports gloves where innovation and precision engineering is at the heart of the HIRZL philosophy and is supported by a focus on design excellence and top quality production.

HIRZL, headquartered in Switzerland, with North American operations based in Granbury, TX, is a leading specialist for high performance sports gloves. HIRZL's focus is solely on gloves with products specifically designed for golf and cycling, which is in contrast to many sports manufacturers with wide ranges of products spanning equipment, shoes and fashion. HIRZL's gloves are designed with the latest scientific, technical and ergonomic mechanics data on how sports equipment is used on the hands.

HIRZL uses exclusive GRIPPP™ technology in their kangaroo leather TRUST Series of golf gloves that provide up to 3X better grip in dry weather and up to 5X better grip in wet weather over other glove brands. HIRZL's SOFFFT™ Flex Cabretta glove uses the company's 72-step tanning procedure that extends the peak performance level of the glove far longer than other brands. The entire series of HIRZL gloves are washable. HIRZL golf gloves have been reviewed by the USGA and R&A and found to be fully conforming to the rules of golf. HIRZL golf gloves are available in three series: TRUST Control for the ultimate in grip; TRUST Feel for lower handicap players and those seeking better grip and performance in all types of weather conditions and; SOFFFT Flex for unsurpassed softness and long-lasting performance in a Cabretta glove. All HIRZL golf gloves are available in men's and ladies models, in right and left hand from small to X-Large sizes as well as cadet sizes, and are sold at leading clubs, retailers and custom club makers around the world. For more information please visit HIRZL at

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