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BoardRoom Connexions, Club Mark Corporation and Syztmz, LLC join forces

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. -- BoardRoom Connexions, Club Mark Corporation and Syztmz LLC have entered into a strategic alliance to develop and deliver sustainable membership and marketing solutions to the private and semi-private club industry.

BoardRoom Connexions' president Heather Arias deCordoba and Club Mark Corporation founder Rick Coyne have joined forces with Zach Hopkins, CEO and president of Syztmz LLC and will drive innovative and strategic solutions for clubs wanting to increase membership, retain current members, and enhance member usage and satisfaction.

Collectively, the alliance will provide a comprehensive and data driven Enterprise Solution to the industry, while each company continues to enhance and build upon their respective membership strengths.

As the private club industry continues to transition, new solutions are needed. Combining Club Mark Corporation's 30 years of membership analysis and strategies with BoardRoom Connexions' 17 years of communications and branding to the private club industry, this alliance will deliver solutions that help clubs create a more powerful connection between the club's members, their guests and prospective members. The objective is of course, to help clubs communicate creatively with greater relevance in the marketplace, membership growth and retention and the overall enhancement of revenues and member enjoyment.

About Club Mark Corporation
Club Mark Corporation, founded in 1984, addresses the growing need for industry resources relative to strategic planning, membership strategies, recruitment and retention, all emphasizing Club Mark Corporation's philosophy that "through collaborative evaluation and market knowledge, simple survival gives way to growth and sustainability."

Club Mark is one of America's oldest and most respected professional, private club marketing, and 
strategic planning consulting companies. They have received international acclaim for their experience in efficiently designing, developing, and implementing collaboratively driven strategies for sustainable, long-term success.

About BoardRoom Connexions
BoardRoom Connexions President, Heather Arias de Cordoba, co-publisher of BoardRoom magazine is a recognized, accomplished writer and designer with more than 17 years of club industry experience.

As a marketing and communications resource helping private clubs communicate more effectively with their members, guests and prospects, BoardRoom Connexions develops and designs marketing materials such as: sales and marketing collateral; logo, identity and brand; newsletter design and printing; magazines, custom publishing and club books; club calendars; event marketing posters and table tents; and email campaigns.

The company provides on-site photography, public and media relations and member and guest relations services; media placement and advertising and member communications essentially providing an in-house marketing department, without the in-house staff and overhead.

About Syztmz, LLC
Syztmz, LLC was founded on one simple belief; "If you create an experience, they will remember you for a year, but if you create a memory, they will remember you for a lifetime." This belief led to the development of a systemized approach to operational management which allows operators to structure, hire and train the right people for the right job, hold themselves and their team accountable for their decisions, and accomplish their financial goals and objectives, while freeing the entire team to spend more time with their members and guests; developing the relationships that are needed to grow their business.

Syztmz' core services include: short-term strategic planning, value alignment, team building, hospitality coaching and training, process enhancement, accountability programs, as well as statistical and financial mentoring and monitoring.