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BoardRoom magazine co-publisher launches BoardRoom Connexions

BoardRoom magazine's co-publisher, Heather Arias de Cordoba launches BoardRoom Connexions - your in-house marketing department.

Heather Arias de Cordoba, creative director, associate editor and co-publisher of BoardRoom magazine has launched BoardRoom Connexions, a marketing and communications resource helping private clubs communicate more effectively with their members, guests and prospects.

Through a strategic alliance with BoardRoom magazine and other club industry associations, the award-winning team at BoardRoom Connexions works with clubs on member communications, event posters, email campaigns, marketing collateral, club identity and branding, and public and media relations to achieve the goals defined in the club's strategic plan.

Through the website, BoardRoom Connexions offers clubs a innovative and convenient service for creating event marketing collateral, club newsletters, email campaigns and custom-designed publications. The Industry experts at BoardRoom Connexions help clubs create a more powerful connection with their members, guests and prospects by communicating creatively, improving member experiences and influencing member choices with creative and integrated lifestyle communication solutions designed with the club's strategic plan in mind.

Ms. Arias de Cordoba is still creative director, associate editor and co-publisher of BoardRoom magazine. She is also a recognized and accomplished designer and artist with more than 17 years of club industry experience. In addition to club work, Ms. Arias de Cordoba is a published author and has won many awards for both print and animation work, including share of an Emmy.

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