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XGOLF increases presence with launch of newly-designed Web site

LOS ANGELES -- XGOLF, a world-renowned technologically-advanced golf simulator, club-fitting and instructional system, has launched its newly-designed Web site. The new site will enhance the viewing experience for golfers, instructors and club fitters interested in understanding the exceptional quality, precision and realism of XGOLF. Golfers around the world now can explore the extraordinary features XGOLF offers that set it apart from other systems.

"Our newly-designed Web site makes it easier for viewers to realize XGOLF's unique and exclusive features, such as XBALL, XPLATE and XBALANCE," said Jay Russo, chief marketing and strategy officer for XGOLF. "People can see how other customers set up their homes, training centers and restaurants around XGOLF."

Another new feature of the site is that golfers now can stay informed with XGOLF updates through the direct link to social media and social applications, such as Facebook, Twitter and the XGOLF blog.

XGOLF's exclusive design, durability and cutting-edge technological features make it the most exceptional and innovative yet value-driven golf-simulator system. With unique features such as XPLATE (Variable Lie Positioning Plate) and XBALL (Intelligent Ball Teeing), the authenticity of XGOLF's simulated golf is unparalleled, replicating real shots on the screen and providing the most realistic golf experience possible. As a leading technology provider, XGOLF has as its main mission to listen and innovate based on customers' evolving needs and expectations.

The XPLATE Variable Lie Positioning System detects the ground slope and automatically adjusts the slope where a golfer stands to provide a more realistic experience. The slope also can be adjusted manually for practicing uphill, downhill and sidehill-lie shots.

The XBALL Intelligent Teeing System gathers the balls and puts one on the tee before every shot. During the game, it remembers each player's tee-height setting, so that the player feels as though a personal caddy has set the ball in place. This feature saves precious time and allows the player to concentrate on the game.

Retailers, instructors, club fitters and avid individual golfers look to XGOLF to provide the most exciting and rewarding golf-simulation experience available anywhere.

The realism and beauty of the XGOLF playing experience is matched only the accuracy and precision of its swing-analysis technology. Swing analysis, an integral and important aspect of the game, is easily accessible and highly accurate with XGOLF. Every caliber golfer, from tour player to occasional recreational player, can benefit from the unlimited game-improvement potential and opportunities XGOLF offers. And instructors worldwide count on XGOLF to deliver the finest analysis capability to enhance their teaching techniques and leverage cutting-edge technologies to help their students make precise swing adjustments for improved results. Through the use of strategically-placed numerous optical sensors, XGOLF tracks extensive swing data, providing detailed shot information, video analysis, weight-shift analysis and data analysis.

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