Golf News for Friday, April 20, 2012 | Briefly facilitates golfers needs for clubs and games

Reasons are many, to buy or sell a used golf club. Be it for buying a used club which otherwise would have cost you and arm and leg, or for selling your old golf clubs so that you are "permitted" to upgrade to new ones.

However, there was a problem. To be able to actually see the club, swing it and check for suitability.

Not anymore. lets you upload to club with pics IN your selected city, anywhere in the world. Just meet up at the local driving range, check golf clubs, and negotiate best price. No more surprises.

Used Clubs Deal Finder:
Tired of browsing websites looking for your club? How about we search the net, and present all the best deals for used golf equipment at one place.

Golf Network and Game Coordinator:
The Golf Social Network: So your regular golfing partners are busy this week? Or, you are travelling and wish to make a golf game at your destination? No problem. Just come to , select the course, enter the date, time and your details (handicap, speed of play) , and the scheduler will show your listing. All players listed on that golf course can see your post in the common scheduler, and can contact you.

Tired of multiple phone calls to coordinate your regular golf game?
How about informing you pre-selected golf group of your course/date/time in just 1 click !!!

We have many more features like the forum where you can watch and add golf swing videos, of pros and yourself.

Gaven Uppal