Golf News for Tuesday, October 3, 2006 | Podcast

Golf joins the high school 'in-crowd,' Shling golf carrier offers an alternative to straps, golfing in Vietnam

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High school golf is becoming a big time sport. Podcast host Dave Berner talks to blogger Ron Montesano, a high school coach and mentor, about the game's growing popularity and discusses the ability gap between today's high schoolers and the previous generation.

"The players today, because of technology, are just not afraid of anything," he says. "They have no fear, and they'll go for broke on every shot, so we're seeing scores in the mid to low 30s that we never saw when I was playing."

SHLING! No, we're not talking about the raunchy buzzword from "Wayne's World." We're talking about Ogio's new strapless carrier for golf bags, the Shling.

"It's kind of a yoke that fits around your neck and rests on both shoulders without the straps, so your arms are free," says Equipment Editor Kiel Christianson. "Think of football shoulder pads that don't tie in front."

Golf in Vietnam isn't nearly as popular as in other Asian countries such as China, but it's gaining steam, says National Golf Editor Tim McDonald, who's visiting the country this month.

"Obviously, they're not on a level with China," McDonald says. "China's just going gangbusters with golf. But they're trying to catch up. They are trying to cater to the rich western tourism market."

Plus, Berner gives his surprising pick for the next U.S. Ryder Cup team captain.

"Please, no more altar boys," he says.

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