Golf News for Friday, February 10, 2012 | Books

"Solid Contact" authored by Jim Hardy to be released in March

Jim Hardy is a golfer's golfer. Teachers all around the world come to seminars conducted by Hardy to hear his original thoughts on the golf swing. It's a knowledge built from 44 years around the game that has included playing on the PGA and Champions Tours, designing and managing golf courses and his tireless research on swing mechanics. And in SOLID CONTACT: A Top Golf Coach's Guide to Learning Your Swing DNA and Instantly Striking the Ball Better Than Ever (Gotham Books, March 15, 2012, $27.50) Hardy builds upon this expertise to show all golfers how to take control of their own swing.

In SOLID CONTACT, Hardy first explains that no two golf swings are the same (he likens golf strings to DNA strands) and that there is no universally right or wrong way to swing a golf club -- there is just the way that works best for you. He then establishes that every golf shot is the product of three actions: the swing, the swing's impact, and the impact's resulting ball flight, and that every miss within each of those actions is either a plus or a minus. Hardy applies this plus or minus system to every element of the golf swing, impact, and ball flight and instructs readers to refer to the appropriate charts within the book to learn how to tailor their actions to improve their swing and shoot lower scores.

Using his trademark straightforward style, and numerous charts and line drawings, Hardy teaches the reader how to self-diagnose their golf shots by asking:

• What is the shape of the shot? (work backward from ball fight)
• What is the shape of the divot? (Use the impact)
• What adjustments (either plus or minus) are needed to improve the swing

The goal of the book, and Hardy's plus-minus system, is not to create the perfect golf swing, but to help golfers either improve the swing they have or change specific weak points of their swing into something that is more effective. SOLID CONTACT will give golfers at every level the tools they need to take improvement into their own hands, to evaluate their own swings and misses, and to correct them on the very next shot.

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